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I need to have a bungalow with solid floors rewired. should i drop all power down from the loft space to each individual socket (ie a lot of chasing out).

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This is normally the case for a bungalow, unless it has a false floor.

You may take smaller routes providing that all cables are kept within their correct zones. Ie, drop down to one socket, then leg across to another then back up to the loft.

Cables may pass directly above or across the accessory or 150mm from the edge of the wall or ceiling.

Presumably your Electrician will know this.

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Answered 13th Jun 2011


Yes, its the only way you can do it I`m afraid.


Answered 13th Jun 2011

As previously said, chasing down from the loft would be a way.
Or you could put in a false floor.
Or you can buy trunking that you can put cables in that would run round the walls.
Good luck


Answered 13th Jun 2011

All the other answers are correct, especially the one that stated that your Electrician should know the regulations.

If he doesn't or if you are considering doing the job yourself I would advise extreem caution, as it is not a job to be undertaken lightly and without good knowlage of the wiring and building regulations.

Each circuit must be installed correctly and tested with calibrated and specialised testers. The results must be recorded.

If you do take it on you must register the job with Building Control so it can be notified, this will require several site visits to ensure full compliance with the regs.

I hope that is helpful.



Answered 17th Jun 2011

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