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Render over render???

Hi, the render on my new old house is OK but alot of the stones have fallen off so there are some bare looking pactches. The plaster on this patches is fine. At present all the houses in the road match and it looks nice. Can you rejuvinate this or is it start from scratch?

I have a scaffold tower would i save a lot if i smashed the old render off myself?

Next door looks like they rendered over the top of the old as it sits a little more proud of the decrative exposed brickwork?

I imagine reremdering a 3 bed semi is expensive so any recommendations to save cash would be appreciated.

thanks in advance!

Its plaster that has been put up wet and then had stones thrown at it,hope that make sense. The stone come off when you pick them

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Hello there. You can go over the top of existing render I have done this many times over the years with no problems. But there are a few things you have to do.
First check there are no blown bits as they will bring the new render off.
Then you need to key the wall I do this by using a chalk line ping a line every 100mm or so over the entire area to be over rendered. Then using a angle grinder with a pointing blade as they are thicker cut along the ping lines to a depth of 15mm ish. When that's done mix a bonding slurry of cement:SBR: to a ratio
Of 2:1 paint this over the area small sections at a time as you have to apply the scratch coat while the bonding slurry is tacky. Mix scratch coat sand:cement
4:1 with plenty of waterproofer. Once the areas scratched you can apply the top coat after a day or so which ever finish you want (plain face or pebble dashed)
As for patching up existing it is almost impossible to match up pebble dashing
As the old stuff will be well weathered.
That said if the old stuff comes off easily enough then take it off and start again.
Hope this helps
But if it doesn't it least it is free:-)
Chris Harrington

Answered 13th Jun 2011

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im affraid its not a good idea to render over old render it very rearly sticks for long it looks bodgy your far better starting from scatch. you dont have to take all the render off just the bad and if your carefull you can usualy match the existing and of course it would save you money if you stripped it yourself but you must be carefull you dont want allthe good render dropping off to ian all build servises

Answered 12th Jun 2011


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why not remove the unsightly dated render / rough scat / pebble dash and go back to the original stone work ? a stone faced property is more desirable and will always sell easier !
if the pointing is a bit amiss it would be fairly easy to rectify (probably cheaper than rendering the whole thing )

now the history bit !!! traditionally buildings were build of stone and very decorative,the walls were solid in construction and wet to touch (hence why it would stay cold on a hot day), unfortunately in the 50s and sixty's it was a trend to render the whole out side to keep out driving rain etc.
but now we all have central heating ! and so cause a capillary action to draw in the moisture ! and dry out the inner walls of stone /brick
no render can withstand flexing (even lime )
in time the stone having been formed over 350 million years in totally wet conditions has dried out and will start to crumble (some 200 years )
the danger then is the render becomes part of the main support of the property

no more schooling now i'll leave you with it
stonehenge masonry

Answered 16th Jun 2011

stonehenge masonry

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Hi , most of our work is rendering and exterior finishes from traditional renders to polymer renders we give consultation service to the building industry. First of all if you knock off the render yourself you will save the cost of skip hire and labour so this will reduce a price by a few hundred (approx 500) now it is possible to render over certain renders but not recommended, there are many reasons why not for example new modern render being stronger and as it cures can pull its self off the old render in a matter of months, unseen weak spots and hair line cracks in the original render causing later problems also damp.If you are to spend a couple of thousand plus on your property then you should not cut corners at the most important stage which is background preperation, the best way forward is to knock off the existing render which means you have took the job back to basics and can see if there is any week spots or damp on the wall surface and deal according. i hope this advice is of use,
Regards S.Watkins

Answered 13th Jun 2011

Fylde (coast) Finishes

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you mention stones is it render or dashing this makes a big difference you get a good key with dashing

Answered 13th Jun 2011

Trident Damp

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