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How long till you can stay in a newly plastered room?

Dear tradesmen,

Forgive such a simple question. We will be plastering an entire 2 bedroom house.. In an ideal world, we would be staying somewhere else till when all the new plaster have fully dried and at least a basic coat of painting has been applied.. And yet, we can't, especially because of our pet..

So, realistically, what is the least amount of time you need to stay away from a room newly plastered? A day, or two? I would assume that even if the house is continually aired, there would still be a smell to cope for a while..

So sorry for such a basic question..

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Hi there
You do not need to worry about the smell, its the condensation whilst drying can be a problem making everything feel damp. I would give each room at least 1 day to partially dry before moving back. Using a dehumidifier will help after the first day, start it in the morning should be ok after that. I have assumed you are only skimming.


Answered 27th Aug 2013

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