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Can i build over a mains water pipe? how much does it cost to divert a mains water pipe?

Can i build over a mains water pipe? Can ypleas else help? I am putting an extension up on the side of a house, the ground is made up ground, so we are piling. As we dug the trenches, we uncovered a water mains pipe that feeds the cul-de-sac. It is definitely a mains pipe, cast iron, blue covering. It should not go through my clients property however, I think somebody has moved the boundary fence a while ago. I am looking to email Thames water to ask for their advice. My problem is; do I email them, and inform them? And then I get a resounding no and the an expensive quotation to move the pipe? ( any idea how much?) or keep quite and just build over it? Or build over it, protecting it, with a 18mm steel concrete brace? The customer is thinking about cancelling the contract. And finally, Should the architect have picked this up at the planning stage, as they have been granted full planning permission?

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Hi, just bit of info - friend of mine had same problem, the water company said ys can be diverted but only if we do the work - £7500 was the bill!


Answered 11th Jun 2011

yes it is possible but insurance on the house will be difficult to get and expensive as the water company will need access for future repairs to the water main unless it is relocated and will be expensive


Answered 12th Jun 2011

Usually mains water should not be on your property. sorry didn't read it all, they won't charge you for asking


Answered 11th Jun 2011

Firstly the Architect depending on the type of survay done should have picked it up.
water pipe is the property of the water company but it should be on deeds that it pases in/under or across the property, (it should have been recorded by the council/water board).
The Architect will be responsible/liable for any cost incured (but best avoide that road) .
The pipe can be built over and there are criterea for this held with the council planing dep/water board etc.
So Yes you can and yes inform the water boare as thay may need to do work on the thing in the futuer.
The architect will be insured so claim of then (no courts its expencive).
Have a plan layout drawn up and logged with the council/Land reg and put with the house deads.
any other Questions just ask
regards Ashley


Answered 11th Jun 2011

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