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Rewiring and new radiators and boiler - before extension

We are planning 2 storey extension, should we get all the work done togerher (would a builder do all of this and the building work?) or can we get the rewiring and radiators and boiler done before the building work. What is the best solutions. I don't want lots of different tradesmen tripping over each other.

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you cannot wire the extension untill it is built, There is no reason why you cannot re-wire the existing house except that you would have to make sure that your consumer unit has enough spare ways to accomodate the new circuits for the extension as it would be difficult to extend the original circuits later. it would be easier to change the boiler and radiators when the extension is watertight then you can extend the pipework and only have to drain the system once, regards Terry.


Answered 10th Jun 2011

Dear Tom

It is alway better to have one company to be responsible for the entire project, namely extension and work inside the house. This way you have one person responsible for delivering finished house.
Also if you are not going to live in the house durring the work, it make sense to have electrics and plumbing done in one go, in extension and rest of the house.

Hope this will help

Michael Mallington
MILU Automation Limited


Answered 12th Jun 2011

I would agree that there are no issues getting the re-wiring of the existing house done prior to having the extension built. This will also minimise disruption for you when the extension is built, you really don't want to be living in a house where all this work is being undertaken at the same time. If you source a reliable electrician and get them to price for the complete job including the wiring in the extension and you have drawings for them to work from, it is relatively straight forward to include provision for the extension circuits prior to it being constructed.
The scenario is much the same for the central heating, forward planning and a good heating engineer would make having the new system fitted to include provision for the new extension straight forward. It would then only need the additional pipework installed with rads commissioned at a later date. Again this is all about minimising the disruption to you when the extension is built. If the work is done in stages you will probably find that you are able to cope with chaos that it causes.


Answered 12th Jun 2011

A building project runs in stages.first its built to a watertight shell,then 1st fix electrics,plumbing,carpentry etc,plasterwork,then all 2nd fix.
This is a basic rundown.
A professional builder will know how to tackle this.regards Shaine


Answered 12th Jun 2011

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