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I have some white patches on my bricks in the basement area. do i need to worry about this?

My basement area is converted into a bedroom and has been tanked and is not damp. The brinks are an external wall. I got my room damp tested a few months back, and it was fine.

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salt efflourescence!


Answered 14th Jun 2011

A bit confused lala?.If the basement has been tanked was an extra leaf of brick added against the the membrane ?.If not where are the bricks?.
If the basement is dry then it's the salts coming to the face of the brick,absolutely nothing to worry about.Use a salt remover available from any builders merchant's, that should do the trick.

ps before i'm corrected 'the proper term is efflourescence'


Answered 10th Jun 2011

Hi Lala

I agree with PR Bricklaying it is efflorescence salts coming through and it is puzzling as to if it is tanked where are the exposed bricks?
I would say the type of mortar mix they used was`nt a washed sand free from salts or came from a area exposed to the sea or natural elements! If the sand has salts in these will come out during the drying period and show for some time.
As advised you can clean these with a salt inhibitor.

I would advise to keep a check on this area as its in your basement and if you have any concerns of moisture ingress to contact the company that renovated your basement.

Good Luck.

Scott Cannon.


Answered 10th Jun 2011

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