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Planning permission for driveway on main road with bus stop outside

I live on a main road with a bus stop outside that spans across the front of half my neighbours and my own garden. I want to know how, if possible, I go about getting planning permission for a driveway? The space between the edge of the bus stop and the perimeter of my property is 4m wide. Any advice would be appreciated.


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There are a few things to consider:
Bus stops can be moved , apply to the bus co.
You have a legal right to access to the highway [ adopted only ] from your property.
You will need to check that the road and path are actually adopted [ highway engineer dept ]
A permanent 'vehicle' access would require planning permission for the access, and for the type of drive surface [ sustainable / permeable surfacing/ drainage regs ]
If you get through these hurdles, you will have to get separate permission to have a drop kerb in the path [ some councils do it ] Some will allow a certified contractor [ NRASWA cert. and insurance ] to do the work, they could require drawings to show the new crossing is safe.
Then there is the question of shallow services in the path needing protection from the weight of the vehicle crossing, some councils ask for concrete in the crossing.
It's a criminal offence to touch the adopted path / road without permission, and ---- just do it!!
Hope this helps
Peter --- [ ex Highway adoption engineer, NRASWA cert. ]


Answered 27th Aug 2013

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