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My 4 metre lounge wall backs on to an uninsulated garage. what is the best way for me to insulate the wall?

It looks like the wall was cavity insulated at some point. It is a good two bricks width. On the garage side of the wall is a CH boiler, chimney, various gas and water pipes, gas meter - which means fitting boards would be difficult. Any insulation the garage side would need to be fitted around pipes etc. My overall aim is to make the lounge warmer. What do you suggest as the best solution?

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insulate your lounge wall with some 27mm thick Gyproc Thermaline Plus boards.
They can be fixed with adhesive so you can get them as close to your original wall as need for stud work,then skim finish the boards.

I have done this countless times when customers have wanted extra insulation,but space is at a premium.
Bear in mind though any fireplace on the wall to go around and skirting will need to come off.

Any other advice or any questions,please come back on the forum.

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Answered 9th Jun 2011

In order to insulate the wall it would require some stud work first. You would need to stud the wall and work around the pipework etc. Once the stud work would be in place you could insulate the wall then finish the wall in Board. Of course the one thing you need to be careful with is not damaging any pipework etc while doing this type of work. Also depending on how old the house is i would check if the party wall has a cavity and if it is insulated. Unfortunately it's just one of those jobs.


Answered 7th Jun 2011

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