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Downstairs lights keeping tripping out the fuse box

Woke up this morning to find the downstairs lights had tripped. Flicked them back via the fuse box and all was well for about 2 minutes until they tripped again. This went on for 4 to 5 resets before i thought i might be out of my depth. Its the whole down stairs affected, which is covered under the one switch on the fuse box. Not had a problem before. All of the lights do come one when the switch is reset, so there isnt a particular light that seems to be the problem.

Any thoughts?
Thanks for your time.


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When you say the whole down stairs is affected, do you mean sockets as well? If so, is it the RCD that is tripping, not the MCB? If the former, it could be an appliance that is faulty. Try unplugging all the appliances, resetting the RCD and plugging them back in one by one until it trips. If it is just lights and all are switched off, maybe it it water that has penetrated an outside light overnight? there is no short answer


Answered 2nd May 2018

This could be a number of things including a faulty protection device in the consumer unit.

Try turning all lights off and see if you can get the power to stay on. Then if you can try and locate which light causes the problem.

Simple job for an Electrician.



Answered 6th Jun 2011

could be a pinched wire in one of the switches , loose wire in a junction box , a faulty MCB

get an electrician in to check the system over , electrical fires kill !!! , mcbs and rcds are there to protect the circits and the consumer




Answered 6th Jun 2011

Hello mark ,
Best thing is to get an electrician in. He needs to test the insulation of the cables, and the following can be found:
- a loose wire in a light / switch
- a insulation failure between the conductors.
Very rarely there is a faulty circuit breaker.




Answered 6th Jun 2011

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