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How many packs of laminate flooring would i need to cover 15ft by 18ft?

How many packs of laminate flooring would I need to cover 15ft by 18ft?

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you need 25 square metres. find out how many square metres there are in each pack. This will help you calculate how many packs you will need.
For example, if there is 2 square metres per pack, you simply divide 25 by 2 = 12 and a half. So buy 13 packs


Answered 12th Jul 2013

Your floor equates to 25m2
Your chosen flooring will have the amount of square metres that it covers written on the end of it or failing that call the supplier and ask. Laminate flooring generally covers between 1.8 and 2.1m2
Just divide 25 (size of your floor) by the number of square metres that the laminate floor covers. Depending on the shape of the room a rough rule of thumb is to add a further 10% fur cutting and wastage
A rough guess for your room would be 13 -14 boxes


Answered 12th Jul 2013

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