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I have just had a very disappointing structural survey. the concrete sub floors show signs of movement! but there are no cracks internally or externally.

A "sounding test" has identified a hollowness in the kitchen. All the doors/frames are fine (open and close) well. There is a gap between the kitchen wall and floor, where the skirting is missing and the floor in the dining room is not 100% level

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Hollow floor either the cement mix was not right or the base was not tamped down properly,the only way to find out is to dig up a bit of the hollow section of floor you may find sand instead of concret. If the rest of floor seems sound you can patch the hollow sections. As for the dinning room if floor is sound use leveling compound this will level the floor to its highest point.GOOD LUCK


Answered 6th Jun 2011

You need to excavate a trial hole to see whether the sub base has migrtated or not compacted properly. It could also be red shale that has been used if so it will need replacing.


Answered 7th Jun 2011

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