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Removal of chimney in living room

Is it possible to remove two chimneys in the living room while keeping them in the bedrooms?

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Yes this is straight forward ,just ensure your bedroom chimneys are secured and braced.


Answered 6th Jun 2011

Hi, Yes it is possible not a cheap job to do firstly it maked a lot of mess, also part of the ceiling over both chimneys will have to come down to renforce under the bedroom chimneys wiyh out this the bedroom fire places could land up in your living room good luck.Find someone who knows what they are doing and tells you they need to renforce underside of bedroom chimney.


Answered 6th Jun 2011

hi,you will find it very difficult just to take out the 2 chimney breasts on ground floor only.the reason being is because they have to be supportted by steal beams and they have to go on surpporting will not be able to use gallow brackets either .the best solution is get a structual engineer round and let him give you calulations and advise.many thanks nick


Answered 6th Jun 2011

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