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How do i remove grout stains sealed into a black slate floor.

Our hired tiler has managed to seal into our floor grout stains. What is the best way of rectifying the problem?

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this is not a guarantied soloution but sometimes works 1st use a suitable slate stripping soloution (this strips the seal that is already there) 2nd clean with a slate cleaning fluid (this might have to be done a few times) then when all completed and dry reseal good luck


Answered 6th Jun 2011

Hello there. You will need to buy some floor sealer remover, you can get this from b&q or any decent tile shop. Use it to strip back the sealer on the tiles it should remove the grout as well. It might need a few goes and some elbow grease.
Hope this helps
Chris Harrington


Answered 6th Jun 2011


The only way that I know of would be to buy a sealer remover such as TILE DOCTOR REMOVE & GO to clean off the sealer then apply a grout cleaner,TILE DOCTOR GROUT CLEAN UP and then re apply a fresh seal to the floor. It would be to remove the seal from the whole floor so that when you re apply the fresh seal you get an even finish.

I hope this helps.



Answered 6th Jun 2011

Are we sure it is grout? some times if the floor is sealed before it is completely dry the moisture trying to escape will bring natural minerals to the surface traping them below the sealer, this is sometimes refered to as blooming or efforesance.
Either way the course of action is as above, srtip, clean reseal, taking care that atleast 24 Hrs after cleaning for the sealing so this does not happen again.
I recommend HG Hagesan products, but feel free to use whatever you can get your hands on.
After removing the sealer apply a grout removing cleaner or diluted brick acid, if this solution foams on contact it is grout if not it is blooming. Use a stanadrd cleaner for blooming with elbow grease, for grout let the affor mention solution do its work.
Which ever you use make sure you rinse down at least twice and dry well!!!


Answered 13th Jun 2011

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