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The roughcasting on the front of my house is crumbling. does it need replacing?

Around 15m2 of the front wall is crumbling off, water has entered the house causing damp after a roofing problem. Should I patch it up or does it need replacing, and if so, is that a buildings insurance job?

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Yes it needs hacking of and replacing, patching isnt a good idea.
You may be able to have it done via your insurance company, they will probably want you to get at least three prices.

Answered 3rd Jun 2011


Member since 29 Oct 2008

patching up is not a good way it will need stripping and 2 coat rougcast it is not a building insurance job regards kelvin

Answered 3rd Jun 2011

KSL Gomersall

Member since 9 Jun 2009


I'm guessing this is due to an ingress of water that has frozen and blown the render from the substrate?? Or is it a simple case of tired and old giving way?

Dependant on the overall condition it may well be a case of patching in
(use a specialist or you'll see the patch from the moon)
Or the surrounding area removed and patched in.

It would be worth breaking out the ladders and going round it's entirety tapping to hear if the majority of the render is still affixed firmly to the substrate or hollow sounding, meaning removal will be needed at some time in the future.

If it's a case of 50% or so of the area is blown, I would consider having the area renovated with a new external finish, this depends on budget of course.

If it is time to replace i digress

Try to seek out a skilled plasterer or rendering specialist who's work you can view in person and possibly some work from a few years back. Not internal work but the kind you require and the quality you are seeking. Quality external finishes really last the test of time. You may find this person is far from cheap, but quality rarely comes in a small price bracket. Pay once, sit back and forget.

Hope this helps


Answered 3rd Jun 2011

Holcombe Building and Restoration Ltd

Member since 12 May 2011

Hi, really depends what the rest of the wall is like as to whether its worth patching. Could try insurnce but I bet they'll say not covered as wear and tear

Answered 3rd Jun 2011

AJ Plastering & Building Services

Member since 14 Jan 2010

Hi rod you dont say if exist rough cast around affected area is drummy if so take it back to sound area rake out mortar joints then apply w/proof scratch coat then dub out regards kevin

Answered 3rd Jun 2011


Member since 13 Apr 2009

u can cut out the loosd but it will be beter to replac the front make sure ittwo coats useing unibond and waterproofing rons landcaping and property maintenance

Answered 4th Jun 2011

rons landscaping

Member since 25 Mar 2009

no not an insurance job and yes it does need replacing

Answered 3rd Jun 2011


Member since 7 Jun 2008

Blown render needs to be cut back as far as needed , if not problems will arise again. Any blown render which has happened due to water intake . Must be accessed And water proof render applied.
Hope this helps
R, Carrigan

Answered 4th Jun 2011

Carrigan Plastering

Member since 26 May 2011

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