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Should i do bathroom ceiling repair before fitting a new bathroom suite

Bathroom ceiling needs to be ripped out & new plasterboard installed. Should this happen before filling a new bathroom suite or is it easy to do later when making the finishing touches like tiling the walls?

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I only answered this question because I did not want you to make a bad mistake. All plastering, ceiling repairs replacements etc, running in cables and pipework in stud walls should be done first. Under no circumstances should you put the suite in first, it will get damaged. Hope this helps.


Answered 19th Jun 2013

No way should you do the ceiling after the whole new bathroom suite. I have seen people do this and regret after damaging new things. Big mistake doing a ceiling after as in any room it's like painting a living room in cream then dropping the ceiling = not a good idea


Answered 24th Jun 2013

Hello. In my jobs I remove the ceiling, check and levelling the joist, re wire , then new moisture resistance plasterboard, drill the holes for spot lights and tiling. After the wall tiling is done plastering and paint.
Thank you.


Answered 10th Jan 2018

The ceiling should definitely be removed and re-plaster boarded and plastered insuring all wiring is installed before fitting the bathroom suite as it will get damaged, all walls and ceilings should have pipe work and electrical works completed and moisture resistant board finished before the bathroom is installed.
Hope this helps


Answered 6th Nov 2018

Always refit the roof if needs be before starting on bathroom renovation, it avoids damaging new fittings, and you can get the lights and wires in the correct location. But be aware a bathroom is a notifiable, this means you need a qualified electrician to carry out work or have the work you do inspected by local council building regulations


Answered 27th Jan 2022

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