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Changed my bedroom sink from two taps to one. now the water runs very very slow. if this is because of the pipe now has been reduce by the flexi hose. what is the answer please

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Check that the flexi pipe has not got a sharp bend or kink in it.


Answered 2nd Jun 2011

seems like lack of pressure or twisted tails.if you are on stored hot water.then again could be bad instalastion!!!


Answered 3rd Jun 2011

There may be a kink in your hose, have a look. If not the size of the hole for the water ias reduced when chnging to mixer taps.


Answered 2nd Jun 2011

Hi Jac,

It sounds like you have got a kink on the flexible hose that is restricting the flow of water, this happens when the hoses are to long and squeeze them to fit.




Answered 2nd Jun 2011

Some simple you can check first:
Are the flexi hoses kinked or crushed ?
Are there isolating valves on the supply pipework, and if so are they turned fully on ( the slot should be in line with the pipe) ?

You don't say whether your hot and cold supplies are gravity fed i.e you have a hot water cylinder and a cold tank in the loft) or mains pressure i.e you have a combi boiler or unvented hot water system.

If its the former and you've ruled out the first checks then it could be an air lock in the pipework or you have insufficient head (pressure) for the tap you've installed .

Hope this helps


Answered 2nd Jun 2011

On some mono block taps (one hole) you will find that the tap manufacturers place a filter and layers of gauze in the tap end, the filter is obviously there to filter the wate, however the gauze is there to give an aeration effect on the flow of water. This may by chance be causing your water to flow slowly. On the initial two taps that where there, there is a good chance that the filter and gauze were not present.

You can take out the gauze to remedy the flow problem, however I do suggest leaving at least one of them in. The last one I looked at contained four.

Hope this helps.


Answered 2nd Jun 2011

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