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How to avoid painting my neighbours wall while painting a semi

I want to paint my semi outside, but do not to mess my neighbours wall, how do I paint the party line without messing it.

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Hi Breda

Use a spirit level to draw a straight line between you and your neighbour.
Once you have done that then use masking tape along the straight line.
Finally carefully cut in by brush...

I hope you will find this helpful..

Kind Regards
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Answered 18th Jun 2013

Hi my name is Wayne
The best way is to have a chat with your neighbour if u can? And decide between you and them. if there's a down pipe then use that as a split if not then make a line where ness between walls etc


Answered 2nd Jan 2015

Depending on the texture of the masonry surface, applying masking tape may be difficult.

If it’s rough render or terralene, a bead of silicone can be applied to a line drawn using a spirit level. You can paint up to the silicone, it won’t be penetrated by the paint and can be easily peeled from the masonry upon completion


Answered 2nd Dec 2019

Hi first of all good luck with the project,

Both of are right it really depends on what's easier for you.

I personally would draw straight line down with level. And tape if needed tape, if not just cut straight line in..


Answered 29th Jan 2020

I would agree with the above - draw a line and then tape it right down. I normally use frog tap though as it stays better


Answered 20th May 2020

I agree JJ decor draw a straight line with a spirit level, use frog tape/masking tape allow to dry before removing the tape 😊


Answered 20th Jul 2020

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