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QuestionHow to remove paint from floor tiles!!!

HELP ME GUYS - ok so I tried to paint my floor tiles in my bathroom yesterday. All was well until I had a shower this morning. It's started to chip and flake off! DISASTER!

What should I use to remove the paint from the tiles? I'm just going to leave them in their natural state (if I can)

I look forward to your expert help :)

7 Answers

Best Answer

You could try Nitromors, a paint stripper. I would read the tin carefully before proceeding with this though, wouldn't want it to have any effect on your tiles.

Pure Building and Plumbing 20th Feb, 2011

If it is not flaking to much then repaint but first go to b and q get some p.v.a water down with 3 parts water paint the whole area with it let it dry for 24 hours then paint on top should then be fine

Hope this helps David

DBF Portfolio 20th Feb, 2011

Hi, try NITRO MORS all purpose paint and varnish remover. This will remove the paint and not damage the tiles at the same time. You can puchase at B&Q.
( you may possibly have to regrout the tiles).

DLG Decorating & Property 20th Feb, 2011

Hi what kind of floor tiles are they ceramic, porcelain etc depending on what they are depends on what you can use on them, If the paint is coming off quite easily id suggest just try using some warm soapy water and a sponge with a scouring pad on the back to start with.

Bayley Property Services 20th Feb, 2011

i know this is going to sound daft but use some petrol on a spuns it smell a bit but it fast and it works keep a window open in bathroom

Point2Point 3rd Mar, 2011

plastic scotch pad and hot soapy water and a big jar of elbow grease. you might need to rake out some of the grout and then regrout because the paint will be hard to remove from it.

northview property mainenance 20th Feb, 2011

Hi Sorry to hear things didn't go so well I would suggest a lot of elbow grease you could try nail varnish remover somtimes works or any other ethyl acatate cleaner or try Ajax alchohol based window cleaner. Please go careful if using different cleaners make sure the room is well ventilated. Also mixing different cleaners can give of deadly fumes especialy in a confined space such as a bathroom . Good Luck

Chapman Fencing & Landscaping 22nd Feb, 2011

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