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We are a gp surgery and have very low water pressure in our treatment room worse since having a refurb in the room

Wisbech area PE13 3AN

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I would have a pressure test on your incoming water main, Also you said that you have had some refurbishment so it would be useful to know about this. A site visit would be the best way to advise you.

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Jasper Stainthorpe


Answered 1st Jun 2011

Not knowing exactly what was refurbished, I am guessing that restrictive isolation valves have been fitted, and/or flexi tap connectors have been installed which have a smaller bore that copper pipe which would decrease your already low water pressure.
It could also be any new taps that have been installed are for high pressure systems only which won't work so well on low pressure systems.

What hot/cold water system do you have and what has been refurbed.?

Hope this helps


Answered 1st Jun 2011

It would appear that during the refurb process that the water might have been turned off and when it was turned back on the valves were not opened fully, or if you have stored water going to the treatment room then you may have an airlock.


Answered 1st Jun 2011

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