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QuestionTotal max power required in KVA (after diversity) for 2 bed 2 storey flat?!

Hello! I am applying for a new connection from e-on central networks and they are asking what my maximum power required in kva would be. The propery is a 2 storey, 2 bedroom flat, gas central heating, electric oven- gas hob, electric shower. Anyone have any idea what it would be?! They are saying the average is 18kva but I need to be more accurate? Thank you!

Thank you both so much!

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most service head fuses that EDF fit are now 100amp - that's 23KVA.
60 amp fuse (should be enough) would be 13.8 KVA.
80 amp fuse would be 18.4 KVA
The first answer above has been calaculated using the nominal voltage as 250v. That is wrong - the nominal voltage is 230v

Evergreen Electrical Ltd 9th Jun, 2011

18 kva is roughly 72A. Normal supply to a house is 80A. But you'll never use that all at once in a standard domestic dwelling. You could go lower it all depends on how much there gonna quote and for what size cable they are going to put in

AGB Building Services 31st May, 2011


The average kva for a 2 bed house / flat is about 8kva. A 3 bedroom on average is 10. They are however asking for the maximum. Considering that you have gas central heating and a electric shower I would be inclined to say the maximum would be about 15 kva. If you applied diversity ( after all what are the chances that you have all the lights on, cooker,hob, tvs ect while you are in shower ! ) the maximum might come down to 13 kva. Still probably on the heavy side but better to play safe.

Hope that helps.

NJM Electrical

NJM Electrical 31st May, 2011

This depends on what is being used in the flat. Need to take all appliances into account then apply diversity as per reg.

safecircuit 18th Jun, 2011

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