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Anyone have any views on underfloor insulation in a cold old (1901) house?

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Hi ,any insulation, properly installed, will be a good asset,and help with energy bills


Answered 31st May 2011

A good idea if its posssible to do it with out to much disruption.
Have done a few of these for clients this year alone and they felt the differance straight away. Can be quite costly though and a right dirty job.
If you have it done i would advise if its rockwool insulation you use, dont use plastic netting use chicken wire, Plastic will stretch after a while with the summer temps and the Rockwool sags. You can use Board type insulations but they come at a cost and working around pipes ect can make the job to tough.
Also depends on the void under your floor an if it would be possible to get in there.


Answered 31st May 2011

space blanket is the best for this it about 3cm thick butits the same as 225mm of normal insulation it so much quiker


Answered 5th Jun 2011

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