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I have a very cold edwardian house with a freezing top floor bedroom.

I have a very cold edwardian house with a FREEZING top floor bedroom. I have added a better radiator and insulated the eaves ( joining this bedroom ) but it is still absolutely frezing in winter any ideas please ?

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Are your cavity's insulated? Also dependant on the type of roof system you have, I would advise a minimum of 120mm kingspan between your roof spars. 25% of heat loss is through the roof.

I presume that this bedroom is a loft conversion?

Hope that helps


Answered 31st May 2011

By a better radiator do you mean bigger? What size is the radiator and how many panels does it have? Have you the means to measure accurately the temperature of either the pipes at each end of the radiator or the radiator itself.
I'm not sure what you mean by insulated the eaves (joining this bedroom), could you explain a little more clearly.
If the bedroom is in the roof space - like a dormer arrangement then the windows, the walls and the ceiling/roof will be of major concern regarding heat loss. Has the floor of this room been insulated in the past? If it has then it is not deriving much free heat from the room below - you may think about removing that part of the insulation. However this could simply make the room/s below colder.
How big is this room and are all the walls/ceiling external. If it is as I imagine it to be then you will need an enormous amount of heat to overcome the losses that are occurring.
If you reply with room size (Height x width x length), window sizes (width x height), area and number of external walls (width x height) then I can do an approximate heat loss calculation and let you know how much heat you need to be putting into the space. Once that is known then we can compare the radiator output you have with what the calculation says and see if the heat input = the heat loss.


Answered 31st May 2011

This is more of an insulation problem I think.
The area above and all around the room needs to be insulated with a good quality product.
Kingspan are the market leaders and their customer services give excellent advise.
Hope this helps!


Answered 13th Jun 2011

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