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QuestionHi can I paint wood chip board?

After a loft conversion my upstairs flooring is now bare chipboard. Would like a brilliant white gloss finish so am thinking of painting it. Do I need to varnish over the top? And can I fill any small chips in tieh wood filler? Thanks! Jay

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what colour is the chipboard? if its green its water resistant and may play a factor, i would imagin any chipboard is going to suck paint in alot, have you thought about using thine tongue and grove slats on top of the chipboard (like what you could use on a bath panel)to give you a flooring affect cheaply, and easyer to gloss.

D.N.A Building Services Ltd 29th May, 2011

personally mate I would use something like this an oil based gloss would take ages to cure enough to walk on.

SadolinSuperdec Opaque Wood Protection


Can-Dec 17th Jun, 2011

Hi, yes you can , you should first mixt some pva with water and pun on top of woodchip , then add several of coats of undercoat for wood, fill the board with woodfiller where need, sand and give another coat of undercoat then u can give last coat of gloss,


Cs5 Builders 30th May, 2011

Yes you can. But you must retain some procedures:
1. rub it down well with sandpaper grade 80, 100
2. remove remains of dust, grease and other dirts
3. use oil based undercoat, and let it dry well

good luck

Romans Renovations 30th May, 2011

Make sure the chipboard is swept and clean then seal the flooring with a PVA and water mix of 20/80% ,undercoat with 2 coats if needed and then gloss.
Just make sure any gaps and joins are filled before using the PVA.

Good luck.

Scott Cannon.

Cannon Preservation Ltd 30th May, 2011

Hi, Best thing to recommend is primer/undercoat first then your white paint then varnish with proper floor varnish, this will give you a nice finish and would be long lasting, to varnish over gloss would make the gloss turn yellowey< dont know if it a word lol > colour. your local ICI Dulux - Paint store should let you know more.

Chamberlain Maintenance 30th May, 2011

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