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I am moving in to a 3 bed house which needs to be fully painted. me and my friends were planning to paint it ourselves. what paint is best and should i be using different paints for different rooms.

Hi. I am moving in to a 3 bed house which needs to be fully painted. Me and my friends were planning to paint it ourselves. What paint is best and should I be using different paints for different rooms. I have to paint walls,ceilings, doors and windows.Some of my friends said Dulux weather shield is good from diy. Can experienced person suggest me ideas on what paint and brush to use and how to plan the painting. Many thanks.

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First remove as many things as you can from house or put in the midle somewhere, sugest to paint all the house in same way not just 1 room to finish then next ,etc, becose you save lot time if you go everywhere with same paint not change the colors , wash brush, etc,
So sugest make as much you can space near walls, remove everyting from walls, and take sandpaper corse 40 and sand all the walls and ceiling and woodwork using a flat block, afte sanding wash the walls, ceiling and woodwork with sugar soap and water, then give one coat of white emulsion on walls and ceiling and white undercoat on woodwork, then fill everywhere you see damage with filler for walls and filler for woodwork , then sand again walls, ceiling and woodwork with sandpaper corse 80 , wash the walls and wodowork then aply with gun decorator coulk where need usualy in corners or betwen skirting , windows and walls , give one more coat on white emulsion and undercoat on woodwork, then you can start give finals coats, start with ceilings , 2 coats of colors on walls and 1 coat of gloss, satin or eghell on woodwork, sugest to use dulux paint but not weathershield becose that`s only for outside,

Good luck with your new house and enjoy it ,


Answered 30th May 2011

Cs5 Builders Ltd

Member since 23 Feb 2010

will first thing dulux weather shield is outside paint, unless ur new place has really bad damp, or near steam your not going to need it. When painting start with the ceilings cut in then use a roller on a pole, standard rule do 3 coats and only roll one direction(per coat), then walls, cut in then use a roller same as above. for your kitchen and bathroom use kitchin and bathroom paint (same paint does both look at tin), theres so many different types of finish to paints matt, silk, eggshell i would go to your local shop they will help you loads and be able to explane in more detail and show you examples. wood work lots of pepole use gloss i prefer satin which has less of a shine,but a shop will help you more.

Answered 29th May 2011

D.N.A Building Services Ltd

Member since 21 May 2011

Hi I've been a decorator for numerous years now and don't think you can beat TRADE VINYL MATT Emulsion for all walls and ceilings. You could use DULUX SOFT SHEEN trade of course in the bathroom and or kitchen but the trade vinyl Matt is still wipeable so would Still recommend that thanks

Answered 3rd Jul 2016

JR Painting Services

Member since 27 Jan 2015

Firstly Dulux Weathershield is used for the outside of your house.
The paint that i would use for your rooms is Dulux or Crown. They are good quality paints that should only need one or two coats. You can use different colours for different rooms.
Make sure that your rooms are prepared, any holes in walls filled and then sanded so they are nice and smooth.
All wood to be sanded, undercoated then glossed. Again using Dulux or Crown paints.
Take your time and when you have completed room by room, you can take great pride and think yes i did this.
Hope this helps and good luck.

Answered 30th May 2011

Dannys Decorators

Member since 29 Oct 2009

As far as paint is concerned for ceilings & walls a vinyl matt is as good as you will need (do not buy weathersield for inside it is too expensive and not the product you need) woodwork is a bit of a minefield the easy answer is 2 coats dulux oil based eggshell but if woodwork is a colour at the moment then an undercoat would be good, make sure woodwork gets sanded & cleaned off before any painting is done, oil based can be a bit messy and hard to clean up so a water based system can be used this is much quicker but this will need an extra coat, without going on that is the simplist answer i can give good luck, Kevin G

Answered 30th May 2011

Kevin Grimmond & Son Decorating

Member since 11 Feb 2011

Hi check this guide
hope it helps

Answered 1st Nov 2013

Intserv Painting

Member since 23 Sep 2013

I would recommend using 'Purdy' brushes. Of course the price justifies the quality. And as for the paint - Dulux is a good choice for quality and price range.
The preparation of the surfaces for painting is of uppermost importance. They need to be absolutely cleaned from any nicotine or greasy stains. If there are any cracks or imperfections - they need to be filled. It's a necessity to firstly apply a primer coating. Also the old paint needs to be applicable with the new one but if it isn't it needs to be completely removed.
We wish you success.

Answered 12th May 2016

Yordan Angelov

Member since 9 May 2016

Hi to everyone!I would recommend:for ceilings Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt or Wickes trade matt(it is similar quality but Wickes brand more value on the price with same coverige).For walls: Dulux,Valspar or Farrow and Balls(depends what kind of colors you'll choose).Woodwork:if you want to paint it white best brand (on my opinion)is Dulux Once(£21,40).One coat guaranteed for painted wood,and two coats should be ok for fresh wood(it is self primered and undercoated paint).Rollers and brushes Purdy only.Thanks Alex

Answered 14th Aug 2016

Gostyle Finishing

Member since 19 May 2014


For walls and ceilings I would use a matt emulsion as they give a lovely finish silk paint I would use normally for areas that are used loads ie hospitals and schools. And wood work would be a nice satin finish off white beautiful finish.

Hope this helps

NS Decor

Answered 11th Oct 2016

NS Decor

Member since 26 Sep 2016

If you are looking for a straight forward paint though out I would go MATT all way though except bathroom use SILK/SOFT-SHEEN. I would use a water based undercoat and then I would go for a oil based gloss or eggshell. But you could do with finding out what is all ready on because some times MATT don't key to SILK... goodluck

Answered 8th Feb 2017

Wonderwall Decor

Member since 18 Nov 2016

you don't use silk or softsheen emulsion in a bathroom, you should be using kitchen and bathroom paint

Answered 15th Feb 2017

ashcroft decorators

Member since 2 Mar 2015

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