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Need to boost water pressure for 2 showers (please see additional information for indepth explanation)

Hi, I’ve a gravity storage system with a cold water header tank located in the loft space & have 2 showers. 1 in an on-suite which has a single mixer handle that you turn left or right to increase or decrease the water temperature. The second shower is over a bath which uses the same taps as the bath, you lift a collar up to use the shower and push down to fill the bath. The power of both these showers are very weak & I’m now thinking of getting a pump installed to boost the water pressure for both of these showers. Also the pressure of the hot water in the downstairs taps is very low too. So my question is what would be my best option to get the water pressure higher to have more powerful showers, as well as boost the general hot water pressure. & how much would I be looking to pay to have a plumber purchase & install the required parts. My only concern is how much noise a pump makes. I‘ve read people install pumps on a concrete slab, but I don’t think I’ve enough room in my airing cupboard for a slab.

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pump wont be very noisey, and they are not to big so would be able to get in somewhere, your problem is as the shower over the bath also is connected to bath taps you need a whole house pump as a normal shower pump needs the hot and cold running at same time ( would damage it if only had hot water running to fill bath) a whole house pump allows you to run hot or cold on own. The whole house pump is the same size as shower pump and goes in same place it may be about £100 more to buy. Try salamander whole house pumps but you want at least 3 bar as to be able to run 2 showers at same time. Cheers Kevin Templar Bathroom Design and Installation Services


Answered 27th May 2011

As have a cold water storage tank your should therfore have a vented cylinder for heating your water if this is the case then you should not fit pumps to your showers as the rate at which the water is drained from the system means your hot water will run out very quickly.The only alternative is a seperate presurised system which requires a pressure vessel and new piping plus the valves which can be very expensive.


Answered 27th May 2011

it may be cheaper to fit a big combi ,that has stored water ,ie vaillant 937,or a alfa cd 50,,but you still have the water pressure ,problem you will need to check cold presssure into the house ,and flow ,before you do any thing ,


Answered 29th May 2011

PS Don't forget that the mixer on your bath is not thermostatic, it's an extension of your bath taps. If you pump out the cold water from storage too fast you could scald yourself. Have a look at your budget and come back in to ask the guys.
(Unvented cylinder maybe)


Answered 28th May 2011

There are a lot of ways to overcom the problem but as usual it all comes down to the cost!!!!
You will have a good presure if you transfer to a mains fed presure system as you will be garanteed the mains minn 3 bar pres.
This will increas the flow inside the house to 3bar Hot and cold.
It is a little bit mor in depth than that but you get the idea??
This will allow you to remove the cold storage tank in the loft(one less thing to freze up).
Change the cylinder for a mega flow insulated tank (enviro Frendly will keep in 85% of tanks heat etc etc.
I can go on but best we discuss all options later.
If I can be of any help just ask.
regards Ashley


Answered 27th May 2011

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