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Staining appearing along side of house below the damp proof course

We live in a timber frame house along the gable end a stain started appearing some times white deposits also appeared it started about 2ft long but now goes along the whole wall apart from looking unsightly I am worried hat could be causing it

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If it's solid ground next to the house and (assuming) it's a new build house the answer could be as simple as rainfall splashing from the pathway onto your 1st two or three courses.The salt deposits can be coming from the brick itself and it's perfectly harmless.Wait for a period of dry weather and apply an efflourescence cleaner that's the word for your problem,get it all clean and apply a sealer like thompsons water seal to stop the bricks soaking the water.
that'll cure it!

Paul Reilly


Answered 30th May 2011

As you say its under the Damp Proof Course so good news its doing its job.
I would say you have rising damp and its reaching the DPC and is exiting externally and of course leaving salt deposits in the mortar joints.
The question is how long has this been going on ! As you say its worsened over time,but how long?
Also if its been in a short period it could be a split pipe,soakaway or drainage issues and from these the water has to go somewhere.Its a case of investigating and opening up to determin the cause.

Always tricky when your not looking at the affected fabric!

Good luck and i hope my opinion was of some help.

Scott Cannon.


Answered 27th May 2011

Hi,if you have no damp inside your property in the area stated you have no problem,pop down to builders merchant and get some brick cleaning acid,read instructions and apply to affected area,leave 20 mins and hose off,will look as new.
D.p..c. Is doing its job.


Answered 30th May 2011

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