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Cost of single storey extension has put work out of economic viability

Two local companies have quoted me a cost equating to £1850/sqm for a 16sqm single storey extension. This does not include UPVC windows or the UPVC external door and includes plumbing to first fix, plastered walls with skirting board fitted, and two radiators.

Based on the advice I have read on this site these prices seem very high. The two quotes were within a couple of hundred pounds of each other. I live in Wiltshire. I have no problems paying but these prices put the work out of economic viability and reach.

Can anyone offer some advice?

Many thanks

2 Answers

I wouldn't take too much notice at how much it works out per m2.This is wholly inaccurate as EVERY job is different.Maybe your extension needs a deeper foundation than standard or has a lot of drain work?????? There are loads of reasons as too why yours may be a bit more than you expect but the fact that the 2 quotes are very similar suggests that the pricing is probably accurate.Get another 2 and you will know more.Us builders are used to spending time providing advice and quotes for free so I wouldn't feel bad about it.We only ever get paid for half of our working week:(

Answered 1st May 2013

Roc builders

Member since 25 Aug 2011

It doesn't sound expensive to me, if thats inclusive of VAT. Like Roc says, you cant just go on square metreage prices because every job is different. I have looked at a lot of extensions this year that will not return the money if they sell the house, it's purely to improve their living space as they intend to stay at that property forever, so if that's the case don't be put off by prices.

Be aware though, if you get any idiots undercutting these prices or someone saying they will do it for £1,000 per metre steer clear as they will do half the job and more than likely ask for extras along the way!

Answered 3rd May 2013

R.Hughes Building and Conservation Ltd

Member since 25 Feb 2009

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