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Demoloshing a bomb shelter

We live in Bristol and have a brick bomb shelter in our back garden (there is one in every other garden). We feel safe from the threat of a luftwaffe air raid, so we've finally decided that we want to demolish the eyesore! Is there any chance that we need to get permission before doing so? And then with such a thick walled brick building, what would be the best means of knocking the thing down? I guess dropping a bomb on it wouldn't work...

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i have demolished quite a few of these and in my experience have never come across one that had asbestos especially as asbestos wasnt introduced into buildings etc until the 1950's. i would suggest using a hydrolic breaker as advised above and an angle grinder for the reinforced bar that is in the concrete roof. break up the roof first then cut away the rebar . then remove the walls . obviously wear steel toe capped boots and a dust mask and you will be fine . kind regards Rob


Answered 22nd Feb 2011

Take off the Roof first, Will be all jack hammer work! have a chat with ur local hire company about that? I would advise using a compressed air breaker as the Electric ones just bounce off, an i've burnt one out doing this? U could also get a disk cutter with the compressor to cut the R/bars. once the roof is off, clear it out and break up the base in side, if its on a slope or verge? then take the walls down starting at the top and go all around in sequence breaking off about 3 to 4 courses at a time? dont use a pointed bit on the walls use the chisle end, as the points just get stuck! an dont hammer it right in or U will have trouble getting it out? go along a bed of cement, not into the bricks if poss, about 4 to 6 inches apart until U see it start to crack? then go back to the start and bang in again and gently work the breaker down until the lump lifts up? ur get the hang of it after a couple of succesess lol?
I've done these on slopes and verge's and have broken up the floors before the walls to let the water drain away as the floor was left down and covered with soil? now these had at least 2 feet of soil over the ole floor? if U have not got that sort of depth then take it all out? The ground will be ok and have had no reported probs after doing so? U will also be surprised at how much rubble comes out of these Shelters so if U work out the cubit meterage, double the result U get as ur calcs are based on solid mass? broken it can double or even treble?
After all that, i'd advise if U can afford it to get someone in to do it?
Its hard work and if u#ve never done that sort of work before stressful lol?
Good luck Pimco
PS,, U wont need permission, but wont hurt to give ur local building control officer for advice? Ur be surprised what them guys know! Just call the local town hall and they will give U the number


Answered 12th Mar 2011

Previous responses seem to be correct. As an additional note, previous experience of these says they sometimes contain sheet asbestos obvious caution required this being the case and seek advise from the HSE for the best way to deal with it.

Tim shanks
DLF Limited


Answered 20th Feb 2011

The only reason you wouldnt be able to knock it down is if it was classed as a listed building or was structural to an adjacent building give your local building control a call they will be able to tell you for definite,

Im sure it would come down with a decent weight kango hammer drill start from the top and work your way down


Answered 20th Feb 2011

you may need permission but its unlikely but its always best to check with your local authority.Because it was obviouslybuilt to withstand a bomb it would need a hydraulic breaker not a normal kango hammer which would take far too long.


Answered 20th Feb 2011

wont need permission ,have some bolt croppers handy as well or grinder ,these things are normally reinforced ,good luck


Answered 20th Feb 2011

you will be fine to take this shelter down straight away.use a good hydraulic breaker as the shelter will be very strong.dont be surprised if you come across some reinforcing in the brickwork.wear all personal protective equipment aswell!


Answered 23rd Feb 2011

dropoing a bomb on it ? probably not,althougth abomb in it might work .Like answer . but would get a proffesional in to do it.doing demolition can be dangerous.


Answered 24th Feb 2011

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