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New single smoke alarm that talks to existing

On my approved building plans, our architect requested 2 smoke alarms, which my electrician has already fitted, one on each floor, and has finished his jobs now. Building regs officer has now visited and wants a further alarm fitted. Is there a type of alarm available that we can fit ourselves, so we don't have to get an electrician back to fit. I'm guessing this alarm will have to talk to the others, but don't really want to change them all or pay for more wiring. Many thanks

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Unless you already have had two wireless radio interlinked alarms installed (very unlikely), the only option is to replace them for radio types so that a third wireless type of the same make can be added. Other than that the third one would have to be wired into the existing two.

A wireless radio type will not be able to communicate with a wired type, this is why the wireless ones are so much more expensive to buy.

Answered 24th Apr 2013

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Hi try this.


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Answered 24th Apr 2013

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Speak to your building inspector and see what they require you to have. If they want you to have a mains powered, interlinked system then you will need an electrician to do this for you, and depending how far you have got with your build, as to how much of an issue this could pose as you'll need to get a cable from one of the other alarms.
However, if your building inspector will allow it, you may be able to fit a battery powered alarm in the area in question. It's not as reliable and won't set off the other alarms if it goes off, but it's still a fire alarm and as you have the others also it may just be enough to satisfy building control. If this is the case, you can easily purchase and fix up one of these yourself - but remember to always test that its working and that the battery is in good condition because if it isn't the alarm can't work.


Answered 24th Apr 2013

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