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How deep do i need to dig my foundations for conservatory

How deep do I need to dig my foundations for a 4x3 conservatory with 500mm dwarf wall?
I am clueless about this- I have bought a used conservatory and family have offered to dig out footings but just need to know how deep- also I had a quote for 6inch base with ready mixed concrete for £190 however if I need to fill in the foundations with this it will cost me a small fortune- any advice would be greatly received- this is turning into. Nightmare job as now need to have boiler replaced as vent would be inside conservatory- and apparently seal is no longer available for my boiler so boiler would need to be replaced!

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You need to dig footings at least 900mm deep and 500mm wide. Its a lot of concrete but its the most important part of your conservatory......dont skimp on it!!

I would strongly suggest hiring a builder for this work as it sounds like you are out of your depth, not being rude but just trying to give best advice!



Answered 18th Apr 2013

The depth of the foundation required will depend on the ground you are working in. At the very least you will need to remove all topsoil and if the ground is stable a depth of 500-600 mm and 500mm wide with 200mm depth of concrete could be sufficient. I take it that you do not need building regulations approval but I do recommend you get sound advice before you pour the foundation concrete.
Don French


Answered 18th Apr 2013

Both of the above are correct, it's all depending on your local ground conditions but what worries me more is your boiler position and its working condition. You need professional advice from a registered Gas Safe plumber.
Regards Mark Skinner.


Answered 22nd Jul 2013

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