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Do i need a permit from the council to demolish and rebuild the front wall of my house?

I need to demolish and rebuid the brick front wall of my house as the bricks are v old (about 120years) and crumbling +fit new windows and door.
Is it better and chaper to glue the plaster boards inside or to use normal plaster?

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as long as it not a conservation area you dont need planning, but you will need building regs best bet is contact building regs in your area and ask them what they require they get rather upset if you dont involve them from the offset but are extreemly resonable if kept in the loop


Answered 25th May 2011

depending on your area but as long as you dont rebuild the wall to much out of character no ones going to mind as long as its not a listed
you can fit new doors and windows like for like but you will need FENSA registered installers for re-sale purposes
it is quicker to dot and dab the wall and skim over as there is less drying times involved

Gary Cleverley


Answered 25th May 2011

Your response to the first question about demolishing and rebuild of the front wall .I think the first two guys covered it. The internal plastering you have a few options, The cheapest and quickest way is to dot and dab , then skim the wall, Job done . The only draw back is fixing things to the new wall . Me personally being an old school plasterer , i would float the walls in sand and cement then skim . Which is just as cheap and will stand the test of time .
hope this helps ,
R Carrigan


Answered 26th May 2011

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