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What is the best way of laying reclaimed victorian floorboards on to concrete?

We are going to level the floor using a compound. Some people say we need to use latex compound, otheres say it doesn't matter.
We don't want to use battons as it will raise the floor too high.
We might have to ground down some of the concrete too, to help level the floor.

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one idea is to cut channels out in the concrete and put battens in there then that way you can nail the boards down and wont loose any height..and also you can level the battens so that way you can save money on the latex....roy..


Answered 19th Feb 2011

If your floor is very uneven then with out me looking at your floor, i would say it would be best to use self-leveling. Bal do a good one called ultrabase which i use all the time, make sure you prime your floor before leveling. As far as fixing your wooden floor straight to concrete, yes it can be done. Go to any shop that sell wood flooring and ask them for adhesive to fix wooden floor straight to concrete. I know that topps sell the adhesive you need and the self-leveling compound too.

Any other questions feel free to ask.



Answered 19th Feb 2011

I would personally recommend fixing battens aswell and then fixing the floor boards onto these. The battens can be embedded into the screed/ latex to help with the height difference. I would lay a bitumen backed sheet dpm onto the finished latex (once dry!) aswell just purely as a precaution against possible (if any) dampness. You can fix the boards directly onto the concrete using a suitable adhesive but if the boards are reclaimed then they may be bowed, twisted etc so they may not ''take'' 100% to the concrete. I would use screws to fix the boards to the battens (countersunk) and then fill the whole floor (presuming the floor is to be sanded & sealed after installation)using the same methods as we do with any floor that we sand & seal.

I hope this helps


Answered 21st Feb 2011

latex or bitchamen which ever you use you will also have to nail or screw the boards down if not thay will lift after time if you do not have a nail gun you can hire one for about £20 plus the nails
if you use screws countersink them and use a pece of board to plug the screw heads so thay can not be seen . if you dont fix them with nails or screws thay will lift beleave me


Answered 19th Feb 2011

bona r850t
woodflooring glue


Answered 6th Mar 2011

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