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How to repair sliding ridge tiles between a partition wall

I live in a terraced Townhouse and on one side of the roof the ridge tiles, that run down the roof between me and my neighbours, have slide about an inch and the mortar is all cracked and crumbling. There is about 15 ridge tiles on quite a steep roof and I would guess the weight of the tiles is causing the problem. About five years ago we had a similar problem when 4 or 5 ridge tiles slide off the roof as the spur was not positioned correctly. So this time instead of just getting someone to reset the hip tiles I was wandering what other solutions could be used - so far I have had the following suggesting -

1) Reset the ridge tiles but then pin the tiles individually to the main roof truss
2) Remove the ridge tiles all together and insert a 'Bonding gutter' before renewing roof tiles over the gutter so they butt up together
3) Remove the ridge tiles all together and create a lead valley which would match the front of the house - although this is quite costly

Can some please advise which of the solutions would work best or even advise of other possible solutions.

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The proper way is to remove the loose ridge, fit a hip iron, then rebed the ridge tiles.


Answered 24th May 2011

your best bet is post this in the jobs section get a few roofers round and quote on varies solutions.

without viewing the roof and type of tiles it is not really possible to give an acurate solution. generally a hip iron securing the hip tiles in place is sufice


Answered 24th May 2011

I would remove the tiles and fit some L shaped brackets at the tile joint positions then fit the tiles in a new mortar bed, the brackets will stop the tiles from slipping, regards Terry.


Answered 24th May 2011

Take off all the hip tiles and fit a grp bonding gutter under both sides of the roof then re mortar tiles and screw them and thats it no sliding hip tiles!


Answered 28th May 2011

I Personally would remove the existing ridge tiles as its an old fashioned method of joining two different roofing products togeather at the party wall where one neighbor hasnt had the roof re-done. Then i would install a bonding gutter. providing these are installed correctly they are fail safe and will outlast the life span of your roofing tiles.


Answered 31st May 2011

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