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Why do patches of water keep appearing on my wall?

I moved into a house built in 1900 last year and since we have moved in there have been patches of water appearing on a wall in my dining room. The water does not leave a stain and as soon as it dries out it nothing is visible hence why I didn't see it when viewing the house!
The wall is an external wall with no vents.
There is an alcove in the wall that I think used to be a window. I have been advised that it is possibly condensation not damp, however it's appearance appears to be connected to rainfall.
The patches always appear in exactly the same place.

I really want to get rid of it so I can put furniture against the wall but until I know for sure what is causing the problem I can't!

Please help!


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It appears from what you are decsribing that there may be breaches across the cavity causing rainwater to travel inside instead of outside would need to investigate further but may be quickest way to find out would be to open wall from outside to check and clear cavity to resolve situation, if low down unlikely to be condensation
regards Austin

Answered 12th Apr 2013

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Hi there,

I'm guessing its a solid 9" wall with no cavity if built around 1900. Is the water appearing in the alcove? If so can you tell how thick the brickwork in the alcove is?
If someone has removed a window and just bricked up the
external skin / outside 4" then its possible that rainwater has found a way through.
Check the pointing and the external area in general.

Is that room a single storey? Is there a room above?
Sometimes if a house is built right on the boundary line, the builder has to sit the roof guttering on top of the outside 4" brickwork as no overhang onto the neighbours property is permitted. If this is the case and the gutter is leaking / overflowing then it could be running down between the 2 skins of brick. Unblock / repair the gutter.

This would help explain why the window has been blocked up as well!!

Please let me know if you resolve it!


Answered 12th Apr 2013

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