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Power flush on iron cast heat exchanger of potterton profile 60e boiler

I have seen on various other forums that the heat exchanger of potterton profile boiler 60e cannot be power flushed as its cast iron made and has to be replaced, so in future if it gets clogged up and I am a member of the big company,s repairs and service,wondering what will happen in this instance. Grateful if anyone there could answer this

Many thanks

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I have worked for potterton for a number of years. The heat exchanger can be flushed but it is very difficult to remove the debris as it goes solid in the heat exchanger due to the heat. I know this from replacing many of these heat exchangers while with potterton even after they were flushed. If the heat exchanger is kettling then there's still debris in it


Answered 7th Aug 2014


never in my life have i heard of such a thing. power flushing is fine on a cast heat ex.
if the job is done right there should be no problems. When a heat ex fails it is usually because it has been blocked and it is to far gone to flush.


Answered 11th Apr 2013

someone trying to talk you into a new boiler...?


Answered 11th Apr 2013

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