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Can i mix waterproofer in plasterboard adhesive??

I've a small job to do patching over some penetrating damp in a stone cottage. Its a tricky one as the stone work is like a tramps teeth and requires around 4 coats of render to level it, normally I would batten n foil back plasterboard it but in areas its not deep enough to do so. The only solution I can come up with that doesn't involve making 4 trips build the render up is to do a thin render/ dricoat screed to seal n level a bit then dab a 3/8 board on. My question is whether I should mix some waterproofer in the dotting?? I'm not sure if it will affect the adhesion or not, its only a mtr sq patch. Cheers guys for any advice

Thanks HTH Gareth, im not looking to 'bodge' or cut corners, its customer time restraints that are limiting my options or would simply render as usual. My question is whether anyone knows if waterproofer will affect adhesion? ive had many plasterers ask me the same question before and have been unable to answer them. BG say is not advasable but do not give any reasons why. Im going to stick with slowly rendering this job but would still like to know if anyone has used waterproofer in dotting before and what the outcome was.

Thanks for a great answer John, just what I was wanting to know. Thanks to everyone who's answered, much appreciated

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If i was you I wouldnt bother dotting and dabbing onto the wall at all. If it is penetrating then it will prob come through the adhesive and onto the board.. Look at it anotherway, the time and cost it will take you to Bodge it will end up costing you more to do it correctly in the 1st place. HTH Gareth

Answered 8th Apr 2013

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Also if it is a stone built building with lime in the mortar it will need to breath and if it cant you will get dry rot inside and the paint will peel away,

You need to either build render in lime or use a SRB compound in a sand and cement render.

Joseph Walsh

Joseph Construction

Answered 9th Apr 2013

Joseph Construction

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Hi no waterproofer doesn't affect the adhesion ive done it before but unfortunately it doesn't work either the adhesive seems to be to porous and moisture still travels through it.
Have you looked at any of the tanking membranes that are available these can be fixed to the wall with plastic plugs and you can dab on top of the plugs, theres a company called pamties that specialise in these membranes take a look at their website
Regards john

Answered 10th Apr 2013

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