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Water and moving kitchen

I am looking at buying a house but want to move the kitchen to the room next door. Is thisvpossible, what do I need to know.

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You'll need to confirm the location of the waste for the sink and any other aplliances such as
dish washer & / or washing machine. What I mean by this is where the waste water must be taken to, a practically imoveable pipe like a soil vent pipe (SVP). Ideally the room next door where you want to move the kitchen to has an outside wall. If so, the waste pipes could be either taken straight through the wall to the external and then run to the connection or if you want to keep the outside as free as possible of pipes you could run any pipes along the inside of the wall within or behind the base units and then straight out through the wall as close as possible to the connection.
You also need to consider where the hot & cold (H&C) water for the new kitchen location is going to be fed from? Can you live with boxed in pipes if you need to run H&C from the original kitchen area? The same applies with the waste - if it has to be routed from the new kitchen location into the old kitchen area can you conceal the waste pipe and will there be enough fall in the distance the pipe has to run?
There is the option of a mascerator but personally this solution would be a last resort.
They work fine and do the job but its something else that takes up room, can be noisey and can go wrong. If you decide this has to be the way to go I would try to put it somewhere
hidden but where its easy to get at "just in case".

There's also the issue of electrics but these genetrally aren't so much of a problem as cables
can be concealed easier than pipes and electricity runs up or down and doesnt need "fall"
on the pipe.

The kitchen design can be "played with" to a certain extent to resolve all these problems
if you're willing to compromise in different areas but you probably won't need to anyway.
good luck!

Steve Brown

Answered 6th Apr 2013

OnSite Contracts

Member since 5 Apr 2013


Yes this is possible, anything is possible at a cost.

It is not a big job to get the supplies there (gas and water) but what you have to consider is the waste. Is there drainage close to the room you want to move the kitchen to?

That's all you need to consider really.

Hope that helps,

Ralph Plumbing & Tiling

Answered 5th Apr 2013

Ralph Plumbing & Tiling

Member since 2 Apr 2013

The three main issues you have to consider first is 1. Waste transfer from washing machine, sink etc to existing waste 2. Gas suppy to cooker from existing suppy 3. Water services to white goods and sink.

Answered 5th Apr 2013

Boiler Homecare

Member since 6 Jan 2010

Yes very much possible, Iv done it a few times myself. It can be a little expensive but it's quite a big job, you will need new elecroc's installd and water pipes diverted, depending on what oven you use you will also need the gas supply altered, expect some mess and don't be surprised by the price, if it sounds too good to be true then it proberly is!

Hope this helps
Jason Marsh

Answered 6th Apr 2013

London Refurbishment Company

Member since 5 Apr 2013

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