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Sympton of heat exchanger clogging up


I would like to know what are the sympton of a heat exchanger clogging up with scale as I have a potterton profile boiler,the question is asked because I do not want to end up with no hot water and heating later

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Hi there, you may hear some funny noises coming from hour boiler while in heating mode and you'll probey notice that your raidators aren't as hot as they use to be, in most cases you can solve this with a 'powerflush' which will pump a chemical through the whole central heating system and remove the scale.

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Answered 6th Apr 2013

It would be wise not to wait until your heat exchanger clogs up when you can prevent it. Modern water treatment chemicals (Fernox, Sentinel, e.g.) will prevent scaling, rusting and clogging and either shop assistant in plumbing supplies or a heating engineer will advise you on what's suitable for your system. Regular exchange of the charge (5-7 years) will ensure trouble-free performance and substantially prolong service life of both the boiler and the radiators as well as all the other components of the system.


Answered 17th Apr 2013

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