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Carry out work and move sensors whilst doing it.

Hi guys

I have done work that I'm carrying out at the moment a d have removed done walls etc. the problem I gave is I now have IR sensors in the middle of nowhere! They need moving or removing, the only issue is I have recently bought the property and do not have an overide code to stop the alarm going off when I attempt to open up the sensors to disconnect/relocate them.
Any advice please?

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The intruder Alarm should have an engineer’s hold off mode allowing work to be carried out. It all depends on the system in place but even with no mains or battery in place the external sounder may sound as it should have its own built in rechargeable battery.
There should be an independent supply to the Intruder Alarm panel, ie un-switched fused spur. This will need to be safely isolated.

FIRST try entering your code and pressing PROG. Remove mains power, then Inside the main panel there should be a battery. Remove the connections to the battery. The system is now down powered and it will be safe to remove the PIR etc. When terminating the cables back into the connections do NOT double them over and make sure that they are insulated from each other.

When the main cover panel is opened the Tamper sounder / indicator may sound. This is normally only indoors sounders. Enter your code but do NOT press reset or HASH yet.
If the external sounder sounds when mains and battery are removed then without the engineer’s code you’re not going to be able to avoid this. Once both battery and mains are restored and covers are replaced the external sounder will stop after the system has been re set.

The only other thing you can do is give us the details of the system in place so that direct instructions can be given. You may also be able to carry out a factory reset if the engineer code is not locked out.

There is another way to get round this but it wouldn’t be wise of me to publish this over the internet.

Take care in the main panel. Ensure mains are safely isolated BEFORE removing the cover.
Hope this helps you out.

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Firstly, you need to speak to the estate agent, solicitor or previous own home owner for the codes for the alarm system if known.

Identify the panel, posting pictures on forums can help identify the alarm panel. This will help identify the panel and the options available to you.

Usually a panel in engineers mode will be isolated from causing an alarm.

Having a user code can help silence the alarm if triggered. Hence speak to previous owners etc to get the original codes.

Depending on your panel, it may be possible to default the codes to gain access.
WARNING: it is also possible that the system could be locked in some way.

The issue if its is locked will depend on how it is locked.

For example, it could just lock out the engineers code (everything else defaults and you cant reprogram the system afterwards).

It locks out the entire system, you cant default the panel.

It locks out all codes, you cant cant default the codes to gain access the system.

Codes are not always locked, however if they are you need to either replace the panel or get the original installer back to provide the codes/ unlock the system so it can be defaulted.

The guidelines in the industry are the codes can be locked to protect the customer, a small charge can be made to unlock the system if it requires a site visit to unlock it.

If the system is owned by the security company, ie you rent the system then its highly likely it will be locked and they don't need to unlock it as the system is not yours, the issue here is you are tied to that company for maintenance unless its released.

Systems are usually released if they have been rented for some time you would need to talk to the installation company about this to find out where you stand.

Answered 4th Jun 2015

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