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Garage converstion building warrant

Hello. I got my garage converted into a playroom in Oct 2011. My builder said he would do the work, then get the building warrant sorted. I studidly didn't challenge this and now 18 months later and over 100 chaser calls, I still don't have it. He did submit drawings to the Council Building Planning Dept, last September but he didn't enclost the cheque, then after another month (of constant chasing!) he then handed in another cheque, which then bounced! then he finally handed in another cheque in November but then needed the architect to supply additional information. I have now been chasing this since and keep getting fobbed off with lies/excuses.

I really just want my building warrant incase we ever move house. What can I do?

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Clearly not a reputable contractor and a pity he has handled you in this manner and a bad name to our industry, one bad apple etc.

It is not normal to get building control notice 'after' the works are completed the norm ois to have buiding notice in and start 3 days after submission (a full plans application is up to 6 weeks and the preffered method).

From what you have said it appears that at no stage did a building inspector attend and inspect / approve the stages of construction, this again could be a problem for you, on a garage conversion there would be 3 or 4 visits depending on the works required.

What you will be requiring is a retrospective building control notice (Regularisation Application) the following extract is from a local authority website indicating what is required and whta you need to do.

You can apply for this yourself to your local building control department.

Under normal circumstances you would not have required Planning Permission for the converison but a Full Plans Building Notice would have been the route to which you may be referring. It clearly is not normal to submit plans after construction unless his intention was to apply for retrospective, you should be able to check this again by contacting the planning department and seeing what has been submitted, if you have or can get the planning application number you can view the application on line and see where it is and what comments / notes have been made.

To get the Building Control certificate you will also need the Part P certificate for the electrical installation carried out which will need to be provided by the electrician.

The issues with a Regulariastion Application is that the Building Inspector will visit and undertake an inspection of the works and if any do not comply with the regulations he will be insisiting that you have these remedied before he will consider the application, he could also ask for inspection of areas to ascertain it has been constructed correctly.

I would also think you may have a case to take legal advice or approach trading standards about this 'contractor' should any of the works carried out do fail the inspection.

A great shame that you have had a bad experiance.


Extract follows:

If you have carried out illegal building work you may be able to apply for retrospective Building Regulations approval. This is known as a Regularisation Application.

This does not replace our enforcement powers and is not a short cut for those who failed to follow the correct procedure.

If you sell your property you will almost certainly be asked to provide a Building Regulations Completion Certificate for any building work which has been carried out. If you do not have this you may have difficulty selling.

A Regularisation Application allows us to consider work which has been carried out since 11 November 1985 which did not have the necessary Building Regulations approval.

The work may have been done by you or by a previous owner of the property.

An application for a Regularisation Certificate can relate only to completed work.

An owner is under no obligation to make an application for a Regularisation Certificate and we are under no obligation to accept it.

If you want to use the Regularisation process you are advised to contact our Building Control team. You will need to ask us for a form and check how much it will cost as it will be more than a normal Building Regulations application. Alternatively you can download a Regularisation Form (pdf, Nov 10, 68KB).

When we receive a valid application and correct fee we will inspect the work on site to determine whether it complies with the Building Regulations that were in force at the time of construction.

We may ask for certain parts of the work to be opened up for inspection, such as foundations, joists or beams, and may require alterations to be carried out.

We may also need further evidence to prove compliance, for example structural calculations. Unless we are satisfied that the work was carried out in compliance with the Building Regulations, the Regularisation Certificate will not be issued.

In this case the Regularisation Charge will not be refunded as it is payable for the inspection of the site works, and not for issuing the certificate.

When we are happy the building work has been done in line with Building Regulations we will issue a Regularisation Certificate. This may be used when selling the property to show that the work complies with Building Regulations.

Answered 3rd Apr 2013

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