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Buying a house with a gas meter in bathroom? is it safe? how much to get it moved?

We've had an offer accepted on a 5 bed Victorian terrace house that needs work. We're keen to get the CH looked at before we exchange because it all seems a bit quirky - there's an old boiler in the bathroom which seems to just heat hot water, a new (2009) boiler in the back bedroom which we think might do the heating (radiators have TRVs), an old gas meter in the cellar and most bizarrely, a new gas meter upstairs sitting under the bathroom sink.

Everything I've read online suggests it's very bad practice to install a gas meter in a bathroom and is even potentially quite dangerous (we have two small children, so need to make sure we can at least live with it in the short term).

Is there a reason it might have been installed in the bathroom? If not, can anyone advise who we can get to move it and how much it might cost? Is there such a thing as a Periodic Inspection Report for plumbing/CH that we can arrange to be carried out before we exchange, just to make sure it's not going to cost the earth to fix it all?

Thank you!


Thanks both for the advice - it's been owned by the same family for 40 odd years, so we don't think it was ever split into two. It may be that the meter in the cellar isn't connected anymore, but we will definitely get someone in to check it over asap. Thanks again.

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It sounds to me like you should have it checked out. Find a local gas engineer and ask them for a gas safety certificate. This will involve them checking all gas appliances in the property along with the meter and all gas pipe work. This should answer all your questions.
I have found it is becoming much more common for people to request this when purchasing a new property and have been asked to carry or gas safety checks for this reason many times.


Answered 28th Mar 2013

Gas transporters ( national grid ) shift meters as it is their pipeline. Allow a thousand pounds.
You normally have to get a quote first, and it can cost a fortune for piddle all.
PAY a registered gas guy to look over the property to give an idea of gremlins.
From your description there has been lots done and things left that make no sense at all.
2 gas meters, has the house been split unoffically and a second meter put in to split the bill.


Answered 28th Mar 2013

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