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Whats the best processfor bathroom refit?

we are looking to replace our shower room, what is the best process? strip out old hardware, re position pipework for new item wc, sink and bath position, fit new bath, cut out area for shower fitment, then install the wet wall panelling then flooring then finally fit wc, sink etc, ? I've no clue as you can see. awiating quotes on this works also

Many thanks for any input


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Hi there.
strip out, Start with ceiling and any extraction- run pipes and wires to new sites, conceal with correct falls as required. fit isolation valves on hot and cold
Fit decorative surfaces ( tile- wet wall) inc luding floor solid surfaces, lino can wait
Fit whites and showers etc.
Seal all whites with approriate sealants, commission and test. enjoy


Answered 21st May 2011

remove all existing units ,strip out tiles ,re-rout all pipe work and wireing to required positions fit iso. valves to all outlets, install bath and tile all areas including floor then fit wc and basin overtiles .
Regards martin mads.ff.


Answered 23rd May 2011

Everything needs to be removed first. Now the most important part PLANNING where the new equipment is going so that the best finish can be achieved.
Unless new all of the old pipe work could do with replacing as this will not be possible for years to come. The same with any cables etc.
If the supplies have isolating valves all the better for now and the future.
We then start with the wall board and insulation before the ceiling if this is being renovated.
Next the bath and shower tray are installed into place and sealed. Now we fix the wall tiles leaving a row out at floor level. Again after a lot of PLANNING!
The floor is tiled next and this must go on top of a solid/strong base.
The final row of tiles now go on top of the flor giving a better finish and seal.
Finally the w/c, basin, shower cover and towel rail etc can be fitted.
Finally a bit of tlc with a clean cloth and hand over to the customer demonstarting how it all works>


Answered 9th Jun 2011

At the end of the day if you want a proffesional job done post it on here and get some quotes!!


Answered 23rd May 2011

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