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Noisy heating / pipes!

Since having thermostatic 'lifestyle' valves installed on my radiators I've had problems. Firstly the sound of the heat being moved about was so loud (hiss / shh) that I had the valves replaced with another brand. I now have 'Salus' valves and from time to time I get very loud 'tuba' type sounds from beneath the floor. Probably pressure int he pipes. I resolve this by turning some radiators up/down. Before the valves were installed I heard no heating sounds at all but relied on the thermostat in the hall that is seldom occupied. I have a 1 bed victorian flat on the first floor. I am thinking of going back to this system as I'd rather not hear the heating at work! Any advice welcome....

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You need a differential bypass valve between the flow and return, this will unload the pump head as the rad valves open and close on the thermostats.


Answered 25th Mar 2013

Circulation pumps circulate heat from your boiler around your radiators and they usually have three speed settings. You might try to turn it down (little lever on top of the small black, plastic box where the cable goes in), hence, lower the pressure differential within the circuit. If this doesn't help, turn down a bit lock-shields (valve on the other side of the radiator than the one with the thermostatic head on, on the noisy radiators). And if this doesn't help, you will need the pressure-differential bypass fitted.


Answered 11th Apr 2013

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