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Lining paper seam problems in places...


ive had the most annoying 2 days that ive had for a while, whilst i had a decorator in to line my stairs and landing, talk about do as he pleased, he come and go whenever and was really full of shit, always on his phone, but he did tidy up everytime and got the job done within the timescale! but also heavily hinted for a tip - no chance!

Now he used 1400grade lining paper, which didn't cover my walls the best, and you can see pimples through the paper, but its not his fault its the walls, im now thinking weather i should have paid the extra £50 and had the walls skimmed.... too late now!

Anyway hes left me with quite a bit of sanding to do, as hes slapped the easi fill on the seams and the walls in places that looked quite bad, hes said leave for 24 hours min, pref 48 hours whilst everything dries solid, and to expect bubbles when i paint it but they will go...

anyway in some places the easifill has cracked on the seam, and in other places the seam has come away in to a sort of bubble. puffing out a bit, but when pushing it, it feels dry.

id overall give the job and experience 6/10, but as my father says the hardest part is done now, and anything else is just niggly little things like the patches that have not stuck...

i have no clue how he pasted the paper, don't know if he soaked the paper then put it on the wall, i did see him roll paste on the wall on one occasion, and i personally feel he rushed the easifill on, if it was me i would have let the lining paper dry and then come back on day 3 to easifill and finish up as i feel the easifill might have pulled the seam away due to the weight and the paper being wet...

feel like an idiot now and like ive been taking for a ride! i watched a you tube video of someone easi fill a seam, and they painted it with emulsion first, left dry then put the easifill on... im no expert so dont know!

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wrong grade lining paper (1700 grade) pimples behind paper (bad prep) splitting seam's (incorrect size on walls also incorrect pasting of paper) when emulsion is applied to lining paper it will resoften the paper to some extent, any joints that are not stuck down properly will spring open,or lift slightly. buy some overlap and repair adhesive (pva wood glue ) from any d.i.y store (costs less than £4) open up the seam with a craft knife and apply the glue to wall and back of paper allow to go off for a minute then use a seam roller to set paper back.wide joints can be filled with easy fill but you need to seal the filler after sanding (pva) as emulsion re soften's the one fill also leave enough time between coats 4 hrs , we would never take on a job that we could not start and finish as we like to sort out any problems that could arise.

Answered 8th Feb 2015


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If he's put easi fill on the paper before drying this will lift the paper as the filler dries quicker than the paper causing it to shrink. In any case he shouldn't have used easi fill as there are far superior fillers on the market designed for this kind if application. Any edges that have lifted that have filler on them I would cut these areas out with a trim knife as far back as it takes to ensure adhesion using in my opinion pva. The gaps that are left you can fill and sand level. Then you will be ready to emulsion over the paper. In all honesty though I agree with elderfield above you should be getting this cowboy back to finish what he started.

Answered 31st Mar 2013

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very poor workmanship, the reason for the paper lifting on joints is simply not been pasted fully to begin with or porus walls not sized and should not be any blisters.the first thing you will have to do is seal the paper with watered down emulsion ,keep the paste brush and a seam roller at your side so you can stick any loose joints down as you go ,a bit messy but best way to deal with. any blisters that show may go or stay you can either cut open with sharp blade and paste or inject paste .let fully dry and then use filler . realy sounds like you need to get this person back to put the job right though

Answered 21st Mar 2013


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