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How much for. refurbishment on a 3 bedroom house

Hi there I'm going to be purchasing a 3 bedroom seem detached but there is no gas supply going into the house I would need new heating system windows rewire walls plastered new toilet kitchen French doors andkitchen extension at the back and skirting doors and walls knocked down how much would this cost I stay in glasgow I've not got measurements yet as I've still to sell my house

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If I were to be quoting for the refurbishment of a 3 bedroom house question i would have to say that not enough information has been supplied to include extensions at the back - what size ? Gas supply from where ?

I will however give ball park costs for the various requirements for the refurbishment of the whole of the original house plus a new 4 Metre? extension with a flat roof.

A new gas supply - This can vary depending on the route of the supply - if a supply is nearby a cost of up to £2000 may be required to include trenching etc.

A New Heating system to include combi boiler and rads to include new extension will be a cost of up to £6,500

Windows - up to £4000 will be required for new windows to the house and extension

Re-wire - A cost of up to £4000 will be required for electrical work to include the re-wire of the house and the new extension

Walls plastered - To re - plaster the new walls in the extension and patch up throughout the house from the re-wire £1,500 will be required

New toilet - If this is just to replace the toilet a cost of up to £300 will be required unless tiles need to be disturbed which could cost up to an additional £75

Kitchen - not sure if this is a kitchen or kitchen doors but up to £6000 will be the cost for a new kitchen

French Doors - The cost for french doors will be up to £3000 to include french doors lintels brickwork and plasterwork

Kitchen extension - 4 meters with flat roof cost up to £15000

Skirtings - If this is for the new extension only to match existing a cost of up to £300 will be required

Walls knocked down - A cost of up to £1000 will be required to include steels and brickwork if required

Please note decoration has not been included

The above costs are as accurate as can be from the brief description and a site visit and extension plans would be reqd to make a more accurate quote

Total cost to include all above = £43,675.00

Answered 18th May 2011

Carpentry plus

Member since 4 Mar 2009

Get a proper specifications and plans done and then get builders to quote you. For a small fee you can hire an independent project manager or architect to supervise and advise on your project. Or, get someone recommended by a trusted person. Try to see some projects (any reputable builder will usually have a running project to show you) and get references that you can check. If I could quote without seeing the job, I'd be in another business. People, get serious. You're not buying a tv set to just opt for the cheapest shop on a particular model. Probably the biggest purchase after your mortgage is a house refurbishment. Do your research and have a plan. Otherwise, you might well regret ever buying the house that you'll have to live in. Budgeting is just as important as getting the right person to do the work. If I were you, I'd disregard any quotes that might appear on this page...

Answered 18th May 2011

GD Constructor

Member since 21 Dec 2009

Barry, Sorry to put it bluntly, BUT Silly question & even Sillier answers, THE only answer has got to be get yourself organised with a proper specification of what you need/want doing, if you are wanting an extension then you would probably req the services of an architect to determine EXACTLY what you want & will include other works to the property, dont take any notice of these extreme BALLPARK figures it is not the way to go, you are talking a lot of money so be sure that you do your homework, hope this helps

Answered 30th May 2011

PDQ Property Repairs & Services

Member since 23 Mar 2011

Hi there Barry,

I can't see where about in the country you are, this can affect the cost a great deal. The estimate above for around 20k is a very rough price as you could pay that for the extension inc the kitchen fittings on its own. I find the ave 3 bed house would set you back around £3k for the central heating but you will also need a gas connection, we have just finished a conversion of 7 flats and paid around £700 per flat for a new connections. Let us know where you are and I will try and give you a closer guide price.

Mike Gianninotti
MG Interiors

Answered 18th May 2011

MG Interiors

Member since 26 Jan 2009

No feedback

there is really not enough information in this question to answer it ,
but if the man above wants to do it for 20k id bite his hand off

your best bet is post it in the jobs section, detailing what exactly is requred inc window sizes, how far the nearist gas supply is, what kitchen style you require, what size extention, what style bathroom [ does that include a bath a shower or both is it the shower to run of the heating or electric,] how many sockets lights in each room,plus the other bits and bobs

Answered 18th May 2011

ADR Property Maintenance

Member since 1 Mar 2009

Hi Barry.
Jobs I can do from 15 - 17 weeks, approximate the cost of such work, £ 38.000.00 (price-only work).

Best Regards

Answered 18th May 2011

Valdex-Home Service

Member since 23 Nov 2008

Just done mine & i would allow £35-40,000

Answered 18th May 2011

s dadds ltd

Member since 21 Jun 2010

Your incoming gas supply will cost you £ 1000 to £ 1500
Full heating system including rads £4500 to £ 5500
Full re wire £ 3500 to £ 5000, depending on configuration and socket styles
Extension depending on size £ 10,000 to £ 20,000
Full house plastering £ 2000 to £ 3000

The list goes on and on. This is one of those questions that is impossible to answer blind as the existing condition of the building will affect price, the type and choices of finish, i.e. skirting profiles etc.

You can have a new bathroom suite, fully tiled etc done for £ 2000 upwards inclusive of materials, however we fitted a bathroom last year where the client spent over £ 6,500 on sanitary ware alone, that was without the £ 45 per metre tiles.

Basically, the amount of work you will undertake and the finish you go for will be based on the budget you have available.

By using a builder who can handle all the trades required, and run it smoothly will help in your overall price.

Also with knocking down walls opening up rooms you may end up requiring plans, and possibly engineers calcs for any steelwork required. This all adds up in the overall price.

I hope this helps, but providing the most details possible will help in getting a closer estimate.


Answered 19th May 2011

Balaam & Sons

Member since 11 Mar 2009

Hi,obviously there are a huge ammount of variables which need to be gone into but in general the costs would be roughly as follows:
Gas CH and connection app £6,000
Rewire App £2,500
Windows and doors App £6,000
Plastering (how long is a piece of string really)up to £2,000
Extension(again a wild guess) single storey flat roof around £10,000
Knock out structural wall and support around £2,000

Hope that will be a help.

Answered 18th May 2011

AY Installations

Member since 12 Aug 2008

It would be very hard to estimate on the details you have given. The type of kitchen and bathroom can very from contract prices to luxury prices the diffrence can be thousands and a single story extension could be 10 to 20 k on its own you really should get someone to come around so you can tell them what you want and they could give you a quote that should be somewhere near the mark

Answered 18th May 2011

SL solutions

Member since 29 Jan 2010

In my opinion around 15 grands and will take 4-6 weeks.

Answered 18th May 2011

Building Service Contractor

Member since 14 May 2009

post the job on mybuilder and get quotes!!!!

Answered 19th May 2011

KW Design & Build Limited

Member since 30 Jan 2010

You have got prices ranging from 10k to 50k, its probably best to place your requirements in the post a job section, where you will get far accurate advice and prices from tradesmen near you.

Answered 19th May 2011


Member since 29 Oct 2008

how long is a piece of string,without a site visit and specification and a budget do not consider a purchase, please ring tony of ultimate building services for more free advice

Answered 18th May 2011

Ultimate Building Services

Member since 6 Mar 2010

how much will you do your self,what spec you want for fixtures and fittings ,what kitchen you want,how big the extension is etc around 10k basic to where ever you want to stop

Answered 18th May 2011


Member since 18 Feb 2009

ho you would need to get a trades person of this site to visit the property in order to give you a rough quote for the work ,it is impossible to give you a cost as you say you want an extension but you havent said any sizes for the build

Answered 19th May 2011

Finebuild Builders

Member since 26 Feb 2009

Hi this obviously depends on the spec of the kitchen, the size of the extension etc etc but if you were looking at an average and good quality work and fittings then £28 to £30,000. Hope this helps. SW Designs

Answered 19th May 2011

The Plymouth Kitchen Company

Member since 2 Oct 2010

Very hard to say without detailed specifications, but should be between 20k and 30k for labour.

Answered 18th May 2011

U&S Building Services

Member since 18 Oct 2008

hi just did a job nearly same what you doing cost come in at 27k that for everything and gas was not cheap to put in cost me 1800 alone just for the gas people to connect me up new pipe from main road to the side of the house then has to call some else in to put a new gas meter not got price for that yet so hope that help you

Answered 18th May 2011

w & r builders

Member since 20 May 2008

Around 20 k

Answered 18th May 2011

p&c decorators

Member since 3 Jan 2009

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