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Is there an easy way to remove Artex?

We have some Artex in our living room that we would like to get rid of or cover. It is quite thick in places (about an inch) as it was put on in a style that looks like butter spread on a slice of toast. What would be the easiest way of getting rid of the Artex it or hiding it? Could we sand it down it the thickest places and then put up a thick coat of fresh plaster over the top to hide it? Or should we sand it right back and then skim the wall? Or is there a product that can be bought specifically for removing artex?

How long after plastering can you paint a 'mist' coat on and what is the ratio water to paint? Thank you!

Super replies guys, feel confident to tackle the job now!
Many thanks!

Would a professional plasterer use one coat plaster?

We've had our living room re plastered and the result is pretty poor in places, especially around sockets and near corners. The plasterer used one coat plaster which I've never come across before. I've had other jobs done and the plasterer's always used pink gypsum and the results have been much better. I want to get this guy back to improve the finish but need to know if other plasterers use this stuff.

external render

i'm thinking of rendering an external entry wall on my property.can you tell me the ideal mix/ratios of materials and also what type of sand do is best to use? also,what additives do i use? [i.e. plasticiser/waterproofer etc.......] and how much of this do i need to use?

Hairline cracks appearing in new plastering work.

We had our daughters' bedroom re-plastered week before christmas. All old plaster was removed completely, walls boarded and new plaster applied. Now, 4 weeks later, I am finding cracks appearing everywhere in the bedroom. We also had the hallway and stairs re-plastered and the same thing is happening there too. We paid £1,100 for the work and before I ring the tradesman up I'd like to know where I stand and what I should be saying. Appreciate any assistance.

How smooth a finish can i expect from skimmed walls and ceiling

I have just had some walls and ceilings skimmed and i am unsure of what i should expect as i have never hired a plastere before.

I have spent quite some time filling in scratches and sanding it down before i could paint it. i also had to fill and shape some corners because the plasterer said that was not his job as he was not a decorator.

Is this the finish one should expect after having trades men in or should a skimming job be ready for paint without me having to do any work?

Why is it that I apply two coats of PVA to a ceiling or wall that after a certain time it starts to reject the skim

Plaster falling off newly plastered walls

My son has recently had his walls skimmed by a plasterer. Almost instantly the plaster has started to fall of the walls. The new plaster is not attached to the wall in large ares. If you tap the areas you can hear that it is hollow. I understand the correct term is the plaster has blown. He has repaired it a few times. each time it has fallen off again. He finally got it to stick by using a shim.
The plaster is still falling off. As soon as you go over it with a paint roller it just takes off the plaster. The plasterer is saying that it must be due to something being applied to the walls by the previous owners, because he has never come across this in all his years off plastering. Does this sound reasonable? How can the rectify the problem?
They paid £1000 for this job, and are thoroughly disheartened. They have a new baby due in about a monthe, and need the house sorting before then.
Many thanks

Many, many thanks for all you very helpful answers

How long before painting on newly skimmed walls!!!

My girlfriend has asked the plaster how long before we can paint on the newly skimmed walls!!!He said replied with "Three days" but I think couple of weeks!!!

What type of plaster for outside wall?

Is there a type of plaster that should be used for a outside wall?

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