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What should i use to insulate between the rafters in my roof?

My attic has been converted into two bedrooms, I have a normal staircase leading up to it. I have 4 hatches around the side walls. Inside these hatches I have noticed,due to the wind and chills, that there is no insulation whatsoever on the underside of my roof tiles. What should I be using to insulte this and what are the legal requirements and regs. ie spacing for ventillation? Do i also need to board over whatever I use to insulate this area.Any help would be greatly appreciated as i have a roll of rockwool and was going to use this and hold it in with sheets of wood. Is this wrong?
i would like to add that the conversion was signed off and certificated but was done before myself and the previous owners lived there. It must be 15 years ago.
Once i've used kingspan or celotex does this then require boarding over or plasterboarding?

How do I improve my bedroom (over garage) floor temperature?

We have a bedroom above an unheated garage which leaves the floor cold, especially during the winter. The garage ceiling is plasterboard, and has had wood pulp insulation blown between the rafters. The bedroom floor is still cold, the overall temperature in the room is OK but about 3C cooler that elsewhere upstairs. Would putting thermal foil under the carpet and underlay be a cure? If not any ideas would be most welcome.

the best way to cure condensation in upstairs bedroom, no cavity walls so struggling with moisture and mould appearing on outside walls in winter

What basic steps should I take to help save energy in my home in time for winter?

What 5-10 key things can people do to help cut costs and save energy in the home? What tricks of the trade do you know that no-one else does?

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How do you insulate sloping ceilings?

Our house has sloping ceilings to all the upstairs rooms. The horizontal ceiling accounts for around 40% of the total ceiling area and is insulated with glass fibre between the joists, accessed via the loft hatch.

However, this leaves a lot of uninsulated sloping ceilings with little room (around 5 inches) between the plasterboard and the roof tiles. The only access to these voids is by peering down at 45 degrees, once you are in the main loft space.

I must be losing a lot of heat via the sloping ceilings. How can I insulate these sloping spaces between the rafters whilst allowing for sufficient ventilation? I should mention that I'm not keen on insulating from inside the bedrooms. The ideal scenario is to find a way that allows me to insulate from above but still keeping ventilation to the roof space and avoiding condensation...

...and I don't want to do the work myself!


Should loft insulation be pushed up to the eaves?

I had loft insulation done and it is has caused terrible condensation in the loft which has led to damp in the bedrooms. Could somebody tell me if the insulation should be pushed right up to the eaves in the loft please?

Insulating over Loft boards

The attic in my home is already boarded (some kind of tongue and groove chipboard that is securely fixed, I've tried to lift it but can't). There is approx 75-100mm insulation under the boards. My house is really cold in the winter so I've decided to upgrade insulation radiators etc but starting with the attic. As I'm really struggling to get the boards up on my own, is it possible to lay 200mm insulation over the boards?? Do the boards themselves have any insulating properties? Any replies would be appreciated. I'm not sure if this relevant but there doesn't seem to be any condensation in the attic on cold days, but the bedroom windows get quite bad on the floor underneath the attic. Thank you

Fireboarding my garage ceiling

Just bought a property and the garage above which is a bedroom with ensuite does not have a "fireproof" ceiling.
I want to remedy to this as soon as possible of course. What is the best option to have the ceiling to fire safety standards and how much does this normally cost? (garage is about 5.5 meters long by 3.5 meters wide and there is 1 lamp in the middle of it)
PS: I know the ceiling is not to fire safety standards because it was pointed out in the survey we had conducted before buying the property

Damp on bedroom ceiling

Damp on bedroom ceiling after loft insulation only on the curved area. How do I insulate the empty cavity. Do I need more ventilation on my roof. Do all roofs need ventilation or do some roofs breathe round the tiles. So I have been told.

I have a 2 bed Victorian terrace; what is the best way to soundproof the walls, that doesn't take up too much space and isn't too expensive

The ceilings are 2.56m high with the walls approx 3m wide


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