The average cost to install laminate flooring
ranges between £30 to £125 per square metre
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How much does laminate flooring cost to install?

Including materials and labour, a laminate flooring installation usually costs around £1,000. Read on to figure out the potential cost of your laminate flooring project. Please note that all prices, averages and estimates are accurate as of 2024.

If you’re hoping to install a new laminate floor, cost will be one of your first considerations. Use this laminate flooring installation cost calculator to discover prices for every part of the process, from materials to door trimming, levelling and removal of old flooring. 

A complete understanding of the cost of your flooring project is essential, whether you’re just replacing what’s underfoot in a small bathroom or planning a finish for every room in your house. Among countless materials and price points, laminate has been popular with the UK public since the mid-‘80s, and continues to be in 2023. These days, many cheap laminate flooring options are available.  


Average laminate flooring installation costs

On average, your laminate flooring cost per m2 will be somewhere from £30 to £125, including supply and labour. Below, you’ll find a table of averages for each element of an installation. 


Laminate installation element Average price 
Materials only£15 to £80 per m2
Pre-installation carpet removal£6 to £8 per m2 (£100 to £150 per room)
Pre-installation floor levelling with screed£10 to £20 per m2
Removing and replacing skirting boards£18 to £26 per metre
Door trimming Approximately £30 per door
Installing flooring underlay £5 to £10 per m2
Fitting new laminate flooring£15 to £25 per m2 (£240 to £300 per day)


Note that these averages might not reflect the cost of your particular project, and your most accurate estimate will always come directly from each contractor you consider working with. Find a reliable UK flooring fitter in your area on MyBuilder, share your project specifics and you’ll soon receive an accurate quote. 


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How much does laminate flooring cost?

Once you understand the averages and confirm that your budget would suit laminate flooring, you can look more carefully at various cost-influencing factors, slowly developing a sense of what you’ll actually pay. The true price of hiring a professional, reliable flooring fitter to complete your laminate installation will depend on:

  • The size of the area to be covered
  • The existing condition of the floor in that area
  • The need to remove existing flooring or carpet 
  • Potential disposal costs, including skip hire 
  • The type of laminate you’ve chosen

The amount of floor to be covered can be factored in easily with an online laminate flooring cost calculator that uses UK price data. The type of laminate you choose will be slightly more complex to account for, depending on both the required shape and your desired finish. 

Cost of laminate materials

Materials are often the most significant cost in a laminate flooring installation project. As the table below shows, prices change between finishes and vastly differ from one end of the quality scale to the other. 


Laminate finishAverage cost for a high-end laminate product with this finishAverage cost for a budget laminate product with this finish
Elm effect£125 per m2£37 per m2
Maple effect£105 per m2£35 per m2
Oak effect£80 per m2£30 per m2
Walnut effect£60 per m2£30 per m2


High-end laminate tends to be thicker, longer lasting and able to create a more natural-looking finish through shape, colour and manufactured texture. These benefits come at that higher price point, though. Ultimately, your chosen laminate material can alter the cost of your installation and the look of your room, so balancing both factors is a must.

Cost of labour for floor fitters

The price for laminate flooring installation starts at £30 per m2 for supply and fitting. For fitting alone, excluding materials, costs tend to range from £15 to £25 per m2. For bigger projects, some fitters will charge according to their day rate rather than per m2. If this is the case, the average UK-wide rate for the profession is £270

Note that fitting costs will vary depending on the tradesperson you choose to hire and the area you live in. There are also several ways to lay laminate planks, strips or tiles, and some methods can increase the cost of an installation because they are more time consuming and complex. 

For example, herringbone laminate flooring fitting costs are usually higher than traditional costs due to the technique involved, costing an average of £360 a day.

Cost of removing existing flooring or carpet

When budgeting for new flooring, it’s easy to forget removal costs. In most cases, installing laminate will also require the uplift and removal of whatever flooring is currently down. The price of this process will change from material to material. Carpet removal, for instance, usually costs about £10 per m2, while removal of old laminate or vinyl starts at just £3 per m2.

Cost of levelling

Depending on your home and the existing state of your floors, floor levelling with screed might be necessary to give your floor fitters a solid, level base for installation. This will usually cost somewhere from £10 to £20 per m2, with the price primarily dictated by the size of the area you’ll be covering with laminate.

Cost of woodwork changes

If you hope to replace your skirting boards as part of your flooring transformation project, your fitter should be able to handle this for you at an average cost of £22 per metre. If your new flooring is too thick for door clearance, your fitter can also trim any affected doors for seamless opening. This will cost around £30 per door


How long does laminate flooring installation take?

The time it takes to install laminate flooring largely depends on the amount of prep work that needs to be done, including the removal of any old flooring and the levelling of an uneven base, where present. Generally speaking, a floor fitting job takes around two days in total and is unlikely to take more than five. 


Laminate installation jobUsual timeframe
Installing laminate flooringOne to five days 
Carpet removal 30 to 60 minutes 
Fitting skirting boards One to four hours 
Floor levelling One to six hours 


How to reduce laminate flooring costs

If you’re hoping to get the best deal on your laminate flooring installation project, reducing costs wherever possible while still benefiting from an expert finish, these suggestions should help.

  • Invest in quality: When weighing up vinyl vs laminate flooring, the cost may push you to vinyl, which is rarely more than £45 per m2 (excluding LVT). Similarly, you may select the cheapest option when torn between laminate choices. But don’t forget, as you price things up, to consider the long-term cost of lower-quality materials because of their reduced durability.
  • Consider the existing floor: When weighing up laminate flooring vs carpet, cost comparisons will show you that the average price range per m2 is similar. However, removal and underlay costs may be reduced if you opt for a straight swap of either laminate to laminate or carpet to carpet. 
  • Source materials yourself to find better deals: Most laminate fitters will happily supply flooring for your project, but if you’re willing to handle purchasing the materials yourself, shopping around and biding your time could save you a significant amount.  
  • Try a half-DIY approach: If, for example, you tackle the removal of your existing flooring as a DIY project but still hire a professional for the installation itself, you’ll ensure a high-quality final look to your laminate while saving some pennies. 




Can I install laminate flooring myself?

It’s certainly possible to fit laminate flooring without the help of an experienced, reliable professional, but it can be frustrating and costly if the DIY doesn’t go as planned. It’s a risk, and we’d usually only recommend it to those without the correct expertise if the laminate installation is a temporary fix, only in place until you can afford a more extensive renovation.

What type of laminate flooring should I choose?

Many different laminate flooring options are available, from oak effect to tile effect, budget to premium and narrow to wide plank. Thankfully, you’re almost sure to find something that suits your preferences and budget. 

How do I choose between carpet, vinyl and laminate flooring?

Vinyl and laminate are very similar options. The best person to consult about which will suit your needs and budget for a particular room is your chosen floor fitter. Carpet is similarly priced but produces a different result, much more appropriate for living rooms and bedrooms than kitchens and bathrooms. 


Your laminate flooring fitter checklist

Hoping to get your laminate flooring installed without a hitch? For absolute confidence in your fitter hire and the specifics of your project, follow these four steps.

  • Do your research before reaching out to fitters – Even a basic idea of what you want and what you’ll probably pay for it can be incredibly helpful. The more you know, the better you’ll be able to spot possible red flags early and avoid unnecessary upsells.
  • Find a professional with laminate experience – When deciding which installer to work with, note their specific, concrete experience with your type and size of project. Avoid a floor fitter who has, for instance, never worked with laminate materials.  
  • Read past customer reviews – Nothing offers better peace of mind than a track record of reliability, quality and attention to detail. Look out for these things in past customer reviews, which are readily available for perusal on MyBuilder tradesperson profiles.
  • Gather and compare comprehensive quotes – Never automatically accept the first quote you receive from a tradesperson. Compare multiple quotes, confirming that they include extras like removal and underlay, to ensure you get a fair, competitive price.

Connect with an experienced laminate flooring installer on MyBuilder. Posting a job to our site is free and fast, and more than 90% of posts receive interest from trusted tradespeople.


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