How much does driveway paving cost?

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Wondering how to determine the cost of your driveway paving job? Note that the average total cost to pave a driveway in the UK is £5,750. This guide explores everything you need to know to pin down the cost of your specific project, from average labour costs to differing paving material price points. All estimates are accurate as of 2024.

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Hiring a reliable local driveway specialist may come at a price. But for the skills they’ll bring to the table, from area preparation to finishing touches? That’s a price worth paying. Prepare for the cost of your project, budget appropriately and ensure that the driveway of your dreams can become a reality.

We'll cover the following topics in this pricing guide:

  1. Average driveway paving costs
  2. How long does getting your driveway paved take?
  3. How to reduce your driveway paving costs
  4. FAQ
  5. Your driveway paving checklist

Average driveway paving costs

There are many benefits to investing in a paved driveway for your property, from ease of maintenance and durability to ease of parking and versatility. But how much should you expect a driveway paving job to cost you? The table below details average prices for each element of the process, allowing you to develop an initial starting point for your driveway paving cost estimate.

Driveway Paving JobAverage Price per m2Average Price per sq ft
Pre-paving driveway excavation£30 to £50£3 to £5
Paving installation (labour and materials)£90 to £130£9 to £13
Additional driveway/front garden work (labour only)£10 to £60£1 to £6

Using these averages, you can determine what your project total might be. If, for instance, you’re hoping to cover a large 100m2 driveway in concrete block paving, calculating your likely block paving cost per 100m2 will be as simple as multiplying the figures above by 100 to reach a final range of around £9,000 to £11,000 per 100m2.

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How much does paving a driveway cost?

Overall, the average driveway paving cost per m2 is around £110, and the average driveway paving cost per sq ft is around £10. So, looking at a project in its entirety, how much does it cost to pave a standard driveway? This table explores likely totals, based on the averages detailed above, for three differently sized installations.

Driveway AreaLikely Total Cost
A small driveway of around 20m2£4,000 to £5,000, including labour and materials
A medium-sized driveway of around 50m2£5,250 to £6,250, including labour and materials
A large driveway of around 100m2£8,800 to £10,800, including labour and materials

The key price-impacting factors for a driveway paving job are:

  • Where in the UK you’re based
  • Your chosen paving specialist
  • The size, shape and accessibility of your driveway
  • The type and quality of the paving materials to be used
  • The shape/complexity of the paving design to be installed
  • The existing area and level of required preparation work

Hiring the right driveway paver, whether you find them via MyBuilder or elsewhere, should ensure that you can see through your vision for the project regardless of the complexity of your existing driveway or garden. If the prep work is extensive, though, don’t forget that you may need to budget for extra costs. Skip hire for disposal of old paving materials, for instance, could be around £200.

Cost of hiring a driveway specialist

The labour cost for hiring a driveway specialist equates to an average of £28 per hour, though driveway paving companies usually give a daily rate when they quote for your project. This rate sits at an average of £224 per day.

In short, the longer your project takes, the more you’ll pay a professional paver. This will primarily be impacted by the level of prep needed, the area to be paved and the complexity attached to your chosen paving design. Herringbone paving, for example, could require five days of labour to cover the same area that a more straightforward style would cover in three days.

Cost of materials

As with any project in or around your home, the price of your driveway will be impacted by the materials you choose to work with. The three most common outdoor paving materials are brick/clay, concrete and natural stone. This table breaks down the average costs for each.

Paving MaterialAverage Budget Cost per m2Average High-End Cost per m2
Natural Stone£50£105

Within these paving material categories, there are many variations and options to explore, giving you plenty of space to find an option that suits your budget and aesthetic preferences.

Some tradespeople work according to driveway paving cost per square foot, and others according to driveway paving cost per square metre, so check figures and measurement systems with each paver you consider hiring to ensure costs are clear.

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Cost of additional driveway work

There are various additional jobs your driveway specialist may undertake to complete the look you envisaged for your project or increase the longevity of your chosen paving material.

For example, a membrane could be added beneath your paving to keep your driveway free from weeds at an additional cost of around £12 per m2, or a gate could be added to the end of your driveway for anything from £50 to £250 total.

How long does getting your driveway paved take?

Every paving project is different, and every driveway has its own shape, size and slope. However, you can get a sense of how much time it’ll take your specialist by referring to this table. Remember that there are no guarantees, and asking your tradesperson directly will always be the best way to get the most accurate estimate.

Driveway Paving JobUsual Timeframe
Applying for planning approval and permits (if required)Two to four weeks
Pre-paving driveway excavationOne to three days
Paving installationOne to two days
Additional driveway/front garden work e.g., landscapingOne to three days
Initial driveway curing period (if applicable)Three to seven days

How to reduce your driveway paving costs

If you’re hoping to pave your driveway on a budget, there are a few ways to minimise the total project cost.

  • Compare quotes and approaches from multiple pavers: Speaking with various professionals can help you narrow down the specialist with the most cost-effective installation method, and comparing quotes can allow you to access the most competitive price.
  • Make budget-conscious design swaps: Consider your design choices not just in terms of raw material costs but also the potential additional labour costs associated with a more complex, slow-to-install design. Weigh up whether the extra expense is worth it for you.
  • Choose and source your materials carefully: Natural stone options are almost always more expensive than concrete options. And beyond the obvious, making use of sales and deals during sourcing can put a considerable dent in the total cost of materials.


Do I need planning permission for a new driveway?

You will need planning permission if you’re paving over a front garden larger than 5m2 with a water-impermeable driveway. You’ll also need permission from your local authority if you want to add a dropped kerb to a public road or add certain fences, gates and walls. Speak with your tradesperson and local authority if you are unsure where you stand.

How long does a paved driveway last?

A well-maintained and properly installed paved driveway should last at least 20 to 30 years, hopefully even longer. You can feel confident that you’re making a good investment for the future if you opt for driveway paving, whether it’s concrete, stone or brick.

How much does it cost to pave a double driveway?

A large double driveway suitable for two cars will cost around £8,800 to £10,800 to pave, including materials and labour. Find a local specialist on MyBuilder to receive a bespoke quote for your double driveway project.

Your driveway paving checklist

This checklist should help you to plan and purchase the paved driveway of your dreams, even if you’ve never worked with a trade professional before.

  • Decide on your style and work up a budget: Figure out what style and aesthetic you’re looking for, then use an online driveway paving cost calculator to get an initial idea of how much you’ll need to budget for the area you plan to cover (and how you plan to cover it).
  • Connect with trustworthy local pavers via MyBuilder: Head to our site, post your job for free and allow our intuitive matchmaking system to connect you with reliable, available driveway specialists in your area.
  • Find a professional with relevant experience and good reviews: Browse verified customer reviews and look at each specialist’s working history to find the perfect fit for your driveway paving project.

Finding an expert driveway paver doesn’t need to be a headache. Use MyBuilder to connect with the right tradesperson for your project today.