Six speedy jobs to do right now


We all lead busy lives, which means when it comes to essential tasks, speed is of the essence. No one wants to spend weeks trying to sort out something that could be done in moments, especially when we all have other things to do.

MyBuilder is designed to help you find great tradespeople quickly, but that’s not where the speed has to stop. While some home improvement projects can take months of planning and construction, there are a whole host of jobs that can be finished before the tradesperson has finished their first cup of tea - all of which can improve and safeguard your home.

If you can find a spare moment, why not get one of these done today?

Lock installation

Change a lock

Everyone seems to have one - a lock that’s a bit stiff or a bit sensitive, or needs a special knack to work - that we just shrug and accept as part of everyday life. It’s not until the lock gets too stiff, or too loose, and stops working at all, that we realise the problem was there all along.

You don’t have to put up with a bad lock. If yours haven’t been changed for years, it can give you peace of mind to upgrade and install a lock that’s properly secure and works as smoothly as it’s meant to - and an experienced locksmith can sort it out in no time.

Don’t wait until you’re stuck out in the rain with a snapped key - get it sorted today.

Boiler service

There’s never a bad time to get your boiler serviced. Day in, day out, it quietly goes about its job, never asking for anything - until the morning comes when the tap water runs cold and the radiators stubbornly refuse to warm up.

You can avoid those chilly mornings by getting ahead of any issues with regular inspections and services. It’s a good idea to have your boiler checked over at least once a year, making sure there are no issues with leaks, pressure, sediment build up or gas supply.

Having it looked at by a qualified gas engineer will ensure it lasts for years, and keeps your home warm and cosy whatever the weather.


Gutter replacement

It’s a hotly contested category, but guttering might take the award for being the most unglamorous part of your home. While some old school wrought iron downpipes might add a touch of decoration to period homes, most guttering is there to be entirely functional, keeping as much water as possible away from our walls.

It’s easy for that to go awry though - blockages from moss or leaves can cause issues at certain times of year, while cracks and poorly joined sections can create problems at any time, particularly when the weather turns wet and windy.

Clearing gutters is a quick job that you might want to leave to a guttering expert who’s comfortable up a ladder, but repairing and replacing sections can be a quick fix as well, and save you from serious issues like penetrating damp in the long run.

Assembling furniture

There are two kinds of people, those who get a kick out of putting together flatpack furniture, and those who think it’s an annoying inconvenience between the fun of picking it out and the pleasure of actually using it.

There’s no shame in being the second kind of person, and dealing with dodgy allen keys and missing screws is enough to turn anyone away from the satisfaction of DIY.

Luckily, you can skip the stress and hire a handyman to handle all your flatpack frustrations, and guarantee you’ll get a piece of furniture that won’t fall apart as soon as you use it.


Cut back tree branches

Leafy boughs whacking on your bedroom window are an annoyance whenever the wind picks up, while overgrown bushes and hedges can cause problems in your garden, up your driveway, and even to passersby if the unruly plants spill out onto the street.

While you can try and tackle the issue yourself with a saw or strimmer, it’s another job that you might feel more comfortable leaving to an expert tree surgeon.

With their specialist tools and experience with all kinds of trees and bushes, they can cut back any problem branches without damaging the tree itself.

Resealing sinks and baths

It can happen so gradually that we don’t even notice it - one day, the sealant around your sinks and baths is a pristine white, and then somehow, without even noticing it change, it suddenly seems grey or brown, or speckled with black spots.

While there are various sprays and remedies you can buy to try and bring sad sealant back to its best, at some point you might want to consider replacing it - a quick job that can add an instant lift to your kitchen or bathroom.

Lots of trades will have the skills to take it on, carefully removing the old sealant and applying new sealant that will look as good as you remember.

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